Spells and Incantations for Those With a Will to Use Them


So basically I’m interested in what spells or rituals you all may be doing that you have found have successfully gone off… what worked, what didn’t, what have you not tried? I’m especially interested in those spells you have found or made that are directly connected to you guild powers… Lets discuss some esoteric knowledge.


So, fun thing about Magiq at this moment in time…it’s kind of in crisis. Like, practically endangered kind of crisis. There’s very little left, and we’re hoping we can do something about that, but at the moment we’re being pretty cautious about when and how we use magiq given how scarce it is.

In the meantime, a lot of us have found that the majority of spell work that we on the Forum could accomplish in this world was done together, as a group, multiple people lending will to a spell, or anchoring a protection, etc. I won’t list all of those here, but a good example is Calling the Corners, which is a sort of “grounding hex” to anchor and protect someone. Another we used a few times during the Book of Briars shenanigans was the Consolatory Teatime for Misplaced Memory Ritual, which we successfully used to help bring back people’s lost memories.

I don’t know whether any of us here have really been able to do much with our Guild’s Affinities so far. We still know so little about the Guilds aside from what the MAGIQ Guide tells us, we’re not completely sure what they are, or whether they work the same for everyone. Some people have stories of how they were lead to the Guide and the Forum that sound like they may have connected with and used Guild affinity, but ultimately we’re not really sure, at least for the moment. But we have speculated a lot on what they could do, with more magiq and better understanding.


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