Spell Discussion and Planning for Woolie




Here are mine:

The totem:

Since it’s objects around the world, I decided to take things I’ve been gifted through pen pals. I put them all inside the pouch @Ashburn sent me for Saint Augernon.

And this is my box of items from the home:

The box itself I got from the local Renaissance Festival. It smells really strongly of an incense I like, because I’ve been keeping it in there. The inside is basically a bunch of things that anchor me. I guess it’s like a mini shrine?


Well, here’s mine! My totem:

A chronocompass sticker (to link me to the Mounties), a turquoise scarab my aunt bought me from Egypt (a place I’ve always wanted to visit), my reid rune made from quartz I bought from my orchestra’s last trip to Italy, and a shell heart I bought from Sa Coma where my family always used to holiday.

My anchor:

A necklace my father gave me for my last birthday, my grandmother’s bracelet, her owl, my charm bracelet, my alter cloth, all inside a box my mother gave me to use while I’m at Uni.

Edit: Also, gonna wear my Bali and Hermie pins tonight! Let’s do this Mounties!


Very well done finding the locations!

Good luck you all. Remember to stay hydrated. It will help with any potential spell sickness. Herbal tea or even just lemon water.


My totem was crafted from objects I found in my mother’s old art box, which she passed on to me when I moved away from home. My mom, as some of y’all know, is the biggest Weatherwatch and in her 20s she traveled America. All these objects are from different parts of the country.

My vessel is filled with river stones from Vermont and crystals from Pennsylvania. My two homes and places I find incredibly grounding.


Good luck tonight, dreamers. I’ll be saying a little spell of my own for you and your safe returns.


Goodnight everyone, see you on the other side. :sleeping:


My totem. A bookmark from Japan, an amethyst from Ontario, and driftwood from Who-Knows-Where, kept in an envelope from @Revenir.

My anchor. My childhood favourite toy (named Spot), My harmonica, Purple lipstick, a patch from Girl Guides, my favourite perfume, and a chainmail bracelet for grounding because I didn’t have any nails lying around.
@Timidity made the box for me forever ago and painted it herself.


Okay here we go…

My totem:

The taxi card for the first place I lived in China, some Chinese coins, a little CD thing from a Buddhist temple in Beijing, a bracelet from the mountain village on QiYun Mountain, and the bottle from some absinthe from a little shop around the corner from where I stayed in Paris.

My grounding box:

Box was made by one of my best friends, a notebook from the Shakespeare theater that I grew up attending and later did summer acting programs at, the ring I designed for my high school robotics team the year we won both our regionals, a spoon from the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon festival, a compass bauble I’ve had for forever, and some nails.

Here we go Mounties…see ya on the other side!


Deer lord.

First of all - it worked and my head’s pounding right now.

Secondly - apologies for not posting it before going to sleep - I had a hectic evening and I tend to turn off everything before going to sleep to at least relax.

Here’s the totem: it’s basically an incense burner and a candle (crib?) I got in Israel and a wakizashi (? I’m an ignorant here) my landlord left behind him, combined with my best friend’s Italian nana’s limoncello (didn’t drink it though):

Secondly, for the anchor I chose my friends. Of course, I couldn’t have them by my bed but they let me get through the turmoils in my life so many times, the choice was obvious. So it consisted of my best friend’s cap (left accidentally after one stayover), a zippo I got for my birthday with their initials engraved, packed in two boxes: a smaller one after coffee beans from Krakowski Kredens (once you try one, you won’t want to give away the rest) and a cookie tin box from my grandma who decided to stuff it with her pastries when I moved out from my hometown:

So, again, the spell worked and I’m completely baffled right now. I’ll let you know what happened later, once my painkillers and coffee start working.


Okay, the spell worked and I’m still here, could definitely use some proper sleep that doesn’t involve an out of body experience, but otherwise I’m good. (Please forgive the slight rambling below)

So I caste the spell and put my things in place, immediately getting into bed. Took ages to get to sleep, probably cause I was a little anxious. You know, the whole “might not return to your body” thing? The spell took effect almost as soon as I was able to drift off. Can I just say, I’m used to dreaming lucidly, but damn this was a whole other thing. I could see around me, but it was like I didn’t need to see. I could feel the peat bog under my feet, feel the life that was once there, but I could also feel death, sombre and quiet. The air was charged with a sense of… history? Of ancient places that guard the secrets of the people that once lived there. You know that feeling when you’re in an old church and you can’t really talk too loudly, and even your footsteps lighten a little cause you know just how old the place is? I looked more closely at the water, feeling an emptiness in it’s depths, a sense of loss that I don’t normally feel around water. It drew me closer, seeming to mix with my being, and I could hear it whisper to me. I can’t remember everything that it said, but one phrase kept echoing around my head (and still is):

“I won’t let my family be forgotten.”


Okay, not going to lie. That was weird.

I was in my bed one minute, jotting down some notes and scribbling a few last minute sigils on my arm. They weren’t charged, I was too afraid they would interrupt the spell somehow, they were more like prayers, honestly. The next thing I know, I’m asleep. Part of me was prepared for something out of a gothic horror film. A mysterious magical church in the dead of night, what could go wrong? It was so not that. It was beautiful, brilliant actually. Filled with lights that came down on me and danced across the tile floor. I was barefoot, but I couldn’t feel the tiles. They were there but they weren’t. Like a cloud in an old cartoon, holding a character aloft. I immediately looked around, trying to take in my surroundings. I didn’t know how much time I had, or what I was looking for exactly. I was trying to keep my anxiety from taking over, for fear I would startle myself awake like this was all a bad dream.

That’s when I saw the saints and knights in the windows.

They were all looking at me, watching me with such a gaze of deep love and longing in their eyes. I felt myself fill with the common drum, wanting to know their stories. Their miracles and their martyrdoms. Something about having them there, watching over me, gave me the strength to calm myself enough to focus. The words came, as if from the mouths of the stained glass figures, and reverberated up into the cathedrals lofty ceiling.

I am proud to be an outsider

At this point, I was crying. It was like something out of one of my childhood fantasy books. The statues and portraits coming to life to help the protagonist find their way. I thanked them and turned to leave, this time the light of saints on my back. This is when things went wrong. By the time the light faded and I knew my soul was nearing my anchor I felt the cold prickle of eyes watching me. That feeling you get when you’re home alone, and your heart starts pounding with fear and adrenaline. I whirled around. Eyes peered back at me from the dark. Ravenous, swirling, and jealous eyes. I couldn’t count them, but I knew that I was wildly outnumbered. I saw no bodies, no outlines of shapes, but I knew what they were intuitively somehow. Lost spirits, practitioners who hadn’t been able to find their way back to their bodies from this in-between place. How many of them were once like us? How long had they been here? I wanted to help, but I understood that if I moved towards them I would become one of them. I said something, though I can’t remember what it was now. Then I woke up. Drenched in sweat, around three am. It was a long night, and I had to keep the lights on. Every time I turned them off it was like they were still watching me. Hungering from the dark.

I know I sound totally paranoid but there was something so uncomfortable about them. The way they looked at me… I don’t think I will be able to sleep for awhile.


I recorded this at something like 4 in the morning and then went back to sleep. You might need to turn the volume up. I didn’t realize how quiet I was being at the time.

“I was the unexpected sibling.”


You and Oracle were found by other former dreamers like you. It sounds like they followed you back to your physical body, and they’re watching you. I don’t think you should do that again. Probably not ever.

Please don’t ever do that again.


I had chills. Mounties, please be careful.


You don’t need to warn me. I’m still cold.


I can promise that you won’t see a fight from me. Elements willing we won’t ever need to.


Well, we are still waiting for Tink, Drus, and Rev to get back to us. It sounds like Nim got lucky. The other dreamers didn’t find her, or she was safe from them somehow. Hopefully the other three got lucky, too.


I hope everyone’s okay, haven’t seen them on the forum yet today. After last night I don’t know what those things were capable of.


I know we shouldn’t assume anything but, I’m getting anxious we haven’t heard from anyone but Drus yet of the three. And he seemed like he was wiped out.