Spell Discussion and Planning for Woolie


@Ashburn I need to Internet high-five you.

I looked up the site you linked and found this picture on the page:


That’s it. Thank the Elements.


Awesome job everyone! Are we wanting to start the dreaming spell tonight then, or wait a bit?


So we have three confirmed (we will say they’re confirmed) locations for the dreamers and three mostly-positive locations. That’s six. So, #TeamDreamTeam, you need to divide them up amongst yourselves. To recap, that’s


Can I do the golden orbs palace?


Wait, @Ravenwing is nearby this if we wanted someone to go there. People go sledding here all the time from our school. But not sending people ahead is also fine!


Is it cool if I check out the Cathedral of the Air? It seems very aether to me.


I’ll take the Big Rock. I’ve been there before.


Oh wow I totally forgot about Big Hill Park. If you need me to hike out there I def can! Just lmk. It’ll probably be Thursday if I go just cause there’s supposed to be rain basically all day tomorrow.

Edit: I might try and get a ride if y’all want me to go :grimacing:. It’s a 6 mile walk one way.


You can do the spell if you want to? Would save you a trip.


We already have people set up but if y’all end up needing a back up lmk!


I mean, I’m one of the people. But if you’re closer and can get the stuff together, you might get a better result than me doing it from across the pond.


Since we have everything set up, might be good to just do the spell? There’s power in 6s as well.


If that’s the case, I’ll take whatever, I really don’t have a preference.


Okay, so we’ve got:

@Revenir - Golden Orbs Palace
@OracleSage - Cathedral of the Air
@Sellalellen - Big Rock



This could fit the hill clue.


If we’re doing it tonight, I need to know within the next hour or so cause I need sleep, lol


I’m assuming Tink will want the Hunter’s Moon, so how about Windover?


Cool, that’d leave Drus with Big Hill.


@Nimueh - Windover
@Tinker - Hunter’s Moon
@Drus - Big Hill

Alright #TeamDreamTeam. Have you your totems? Your spell casting space? Your anchor?


Yup! I’m set to do Hunters Moon! I’m out of town, so it’s a good thing we got this dream spell. I did grab one of my festival souvenirs tho, to throw in the box. I’ll get my last few bits together and send a pic like the scryers did?