Spell Discussion and Planning for Woolie


Should I go ahead and pass over my sigils? Or at least the couple I have?


You should definitely feel free to post your sigils! :cjsmile: The scryers can certainly use the support right now.


I’m ready, also. I have a bowl I could use, but we’re trying it this way, because I tend to see better in fire. Maybe it’s a Sun Guild thing? :woman_shrugging:

Anyway, I’ll update here when I get something.


providing my own, lesser, magic. I gotchu, dreamers.


I had lit this fire with the words of the incantation written over and over on sheets of paper, that I rolled into scrolls earlier in the afternoon. After the kids were in bed and the dishes were done, I sat for a long while and stared into the flames, feeding it a few more scrolls for good measure. My wife had gone to bed early, because Daylight Savings Time is murder on parents of young children.

I didn’t see anything in the flames. I went to bed nearly in tears, thinking magiq had finally been all used up in our world (at worst) or that the spells collapsing on the forum had interfered with the scrying (at best).

It’s 5 am now, and I woke up having dreamt of the flames flickering on the horizon, like a sunset. They suddenly coalesced into a gem - a man-made sun, that set behind an abandoned house of worship. It looked like it had been empty for a long time. In the dream, I felt like I HAD to reach this church, that I would find peace if I did, but I couldn’t get to it. There was fence after fence after fence, and no matter how many I climbed, I never got closer to the church. That’s when I woke up.

It worked! The spell worked, for at least half of my couplet!


So, an abandoned church. Maybe the gem is something that used to be in there? Or maybe a stained glass window?

Also, I have my totem and vessel ready for when we need them.

Also also, I love that alter cloth @Deyavi


Why, thank you.

Sorry, y’all. It’s taking me a while to kick this headache, and I’m pretty tired. Seems after all this time I still have a spellsick reaction even to minor magiq, and I suppose not sleeping much didn’t help. But the good news is that it worked.

I didn’t see anything immediately after I cast the spell, but I did feel unnaturally exhausted, like I’d run ten miles and swam the length of the ocean besides, but in a pleasant, warm, tingly kind of way. I swear I was asleep before I even got in bed. I don’t remember much after I blew out the candle, to be honest. But I remember what I dreamed about for sure.

On a white, sandy beach, my bare feet walked me straight down into the waves. I was sweating and sticky, and the water felt like relief. But I didn’t stop walking. The tides were calling me, so I kept going until the water finally claimed me and swept me away. I was sinking into darkness, in the depths of some great body of water, but I wasn’t afraid. It was comforting, and warm. There was this sense that I wasn’t just getting farther from the surface, but from this time and place, too. I could somewhat make out the shapes of bodies all around me. The farther I sank, the clearer they became in the dark until I could see other shapes too, things that seemed like they’d been there for thousands of years. I felt something take my hand to lead me. It felt like being called to adventure, or maybe to peaceful rest after having fulfilled a purpose. As I sank, and as I drew closer to that world, I started to hear a whispered word. It made me think about the sky, and the soft breeze coming in from the ocean above me. The way the air smells after rain. The surface that I was leaving behind. Or maybe it was two words? It sounded like “Wind over.”

I woke up this morning feeling like, well. Like I do right now. As soon as I could see straight I logged to tell you. So. Wind over or Windover.

I need an herbal remedy to kick this, and I know just the one too–the magiqians that invented it called it “qahwah.” (I mean coffee. Qahwah is coffee.)


Well, I may have found the place for this one?

There’s water (or was at one point).
And bodies.


I can’t get the image of a lone star setting over an abandoned church out of my head. It’s so vivid - @Deyavi, are you getting flashbacks from your vision at all?


No, not really. Or at least, not now? I was earlier this morning, but as of this second, I’m feeling clearheaded.

Lone star over a church? Makes me think of Texas.



I mean… :gestures at picture:


The Windover site. That’s the one. That has to be the one. The only two Floridian Mounties we have are Ebenguard. Which explains the tides and ocean in my dream replacing the imagery of the pond.


Does anyone know if there are any Texas based Mountaineers?




I think @Smurfette is from near there.


So much for Mountie Fitness March :grimacing:


Send some my way please.

It looks like the two of us got one location from our couplet. I’m guessing, if the spell worked for Viv, that it was the same for her.

And it doesn’t seem to be related to Guild in any way since those locations are both in closer proximity to an Ebenguard, unless all the clues lead to locations close to an Ebenguardian.


Echomoon’s our third FL :ebenguard: :endriwink:
But yes, it does seem like all of our Florida folks are the same guild. :deirdrexd:


:raised_hand: Originally from Jacksonville. It must be the coastal vibe.


Do we want some people to move ahead with the dream spell tonight to give the scrying team a rest? Or do we think we should be keeping these stages separate?