Spell Discussion and Planning for Woolie


I’ll take the first couplet.


And I can take the second.


I can see if I have some workable wards in like an hour


Perfect, I’ll take the third. So does tonight work for #TeamScryTeam?


Yes miss! I have a fire going, and will cast after I put my kids to bed. #suburbanmagiq #magiqdad


I can pull mine together after the hockey game wraps, if that’s okay. :blush:


Sounds good! You can do it anytime tonight! Hopefully we will all have something to report back tomorrow, if that moon magiq smiles on us.


So the Dream Team should perhaps be getting totems and box stuff together, yea?


Also I totally would be interested in a series of Suburban Magiq, #MagiqDad blog posts


"Dear diary,

Today, I tried to summon a minor elemental to help with chores. It didn’t go well. They children probably aren’t scarred or anything, but we’re going to have to get a new set of dinnerware. Back to the ol’ drawing board!"


@Augustus_Octavian Have you tried bribing feeding your brownies more often? They’re much more reliable than elementals, even if they are sometimes high maintenance.


Brownies are such sweeties when they get their cream and cheese.


Well, now I want cream cheese swirl brownies.


Okay y’all. I’m all set up. I’ll let you know.


Hype hype.

Also, just for the record I figured out my totem and vessel and am ready for the dream spell y’all :smile:


So I thought I’d do a quick warning. @Cj_Heighton and I did a little Bally magiq and it looks like that the longer the spell is, the more damage it does to some of the wards and spells around the forum. Good news is that we are working in a way to stop it, bad news is that one spells is already gone.


Saw the lights flicker in the tatami room im eating dinner in, five? Whats going on?


Ahhh, crap, its begun, then. Okay, uhh… im away from home, my seals are holding for now but ill need to hurry home. Its go time, folks! Help me out here, id rather not get backlash from a circle this complex x3x;


Welp. Looks like we fixed it. It was something on our end affecting the spell. There were cookies in the casting. And a pickle.

Edit: Nvm, it was a cascade rune failure. The cascade on my end caused a back-up of magiq to @Cj_Heighton, making it look like the forum’s magiq was failing.


Dummy. Right, then. In that case, false alarm…? Hhh. Dont scare me like that