Spell Discussion and Planning for Woolie


Tink do you want to try to astral project there? We need six dreamers and three scryers. And since you feel really strongly about this clue, I think the dream team would be a perfect fit.


I’ll put Tink and Rev both down for the dream team.

We need one more rep.


So maybe tired-brain got me, but I had been thinking we were planning on one person to scry for each location, and that knowing this one would just be sort of a job switch…but if each person scrying is doing two locations I guess that doesn’t help. But I’m still of the mind that we should have some sort of like, grounding or guiding or something going on to help safeguard the people doing the dream magiq


We can have a full team of 6 to scry, it’s just possible to do it with only 3. I know spell time can get tricky - you don’t want people working magiq if they’re sick or exhausted already, and sometimes emergencies come up - so I was just looking for the minimum for the scry team so we don’t overbook.


So, maybe working out a time for the casting will help as people will know if they’re avaliable or not to take part? Are you guy scrying going to do your side en mass also? Are we “dreamers” going to even perform our side at the same time? Nothing in the spell seems to suggest that it needs to be done simultainiously, unless we want to add in protections.


Can I be moved from scrying to the dream spell? I’ve found objects for one spell but not the other.


Yep! Done.


We have two full teams unless someone would like to join scrying.


Re: The timing of the dreaming spell - I wonder if it would be good to do it over, say, a 24 hour period so international Mounties aren’t suffering? I don’t think we have to do it at the exact same time, but it might be good to have a general time-frame so that the momentum of the spell keeps going. Especially if we’re using wards, I think it’s better to not wait too terribly long.

Also, maybe people could post photos of their boxes and totems when they plan to perform the spell? To let us know they’ve done it, but also because I am curious to see what you guys choose. :eyes:


I can help wherever people want if you need an extra person, but as always we seem to be in pretty good shape. fingers crossed


Maybe we’ll see what how the scryers get on and then do it a day or two after? Gives people a little warning, while also keeping our momentum, and hopefully limiting any risk of running out of time to save Woolie.


I feel like Nim’s idea makes sense but I also have this strange sense of urgency in regards to the whole thing.


Next week should be fine for me, btw. Preferably before Friday.


Right. So Augo, Viv, and I need to scry. The clues are divided up into a couplet rhyme scheme (Right? Or am I misdefining that? Halp.), so maybe we each take a rhyming pair?

1st Person
As the hunter’s moon ascends, find a feast for all the senses
Seek a long-abandoned sun that’s now rotting behind fences

2nd Person
Find a monument to travel and a way to let in light
And a view upon a hilltop that once was used for flight

3rd Person
Feel the wind over the water, where bodies lie below
Then find the lonely, wayward stone where prairie grasses grow.


If y’all need a backup for anything, I’m on spring break all week and not doing anything. PM me on discord (cause I get phone notifications) and I’ll come running!


I think it would be awesome if folks wanted to make some warding runes (similar to the spell we did for the Storm). Some art or writing that’s geared towards finding a safe way home?


Give me like…3 hours. And I think I may have a couple warding runes sketched somewhere. Including the one we had for the storm.


I think I’m going to stay out and monitor some of our old spells and wards while this happens. Not that I don’t trust our new friend, but what she said has me a bit worried about what the implications could be for them.


ill back you up. got my hands on some stuff that hopefully should help us stay boots-on-the-ground.


Thanks, @Mr5yy and @Cj_Heighton. In light of @SpiritSeer’s revelations I think we could use some extra time spent on protecting ourselves.