Spell Discussion and Planning for Woolie


Can’t help but agree. I think we are all a bit nervous about shooting ourselves into the aether and knowing where we are going would be super helpful. If there is any way I can help y’all with the scrying just let me know :yellow_heart:


I mean, I know a really reliable scrying spell. It isn’t too laborious for one person to use maybe twice? But you’ll give yourself a huge headache if you try to stretch it farther. So for the 6 locations we would need 3 people to cast twice each. If you aren’t doing the Goss portion, you, @Rev, and someone else can scry?


I did volunteer for Gossmere, but if Augo is available he may be able to help with the scrying?


I mean, it can be anyone. We just need at least 3 people willing to brave a possible headache for some magiqal assistance.


I can help with the scrying, sure.


How would we do this? Do you have a spell in mind? :brandonthinking:


I do, actually. You may remember I mentioned a long time ago, my grandpa used to collect grimoires. Well, there is a spell in there I’ve used once or twice since, you know. Finding out magiq is real.

It is really simple.

You need a scrying object. The original spell calls for a bowl of water (I used metal mixing bowl last time) and a crystal. But you could use a pendulum and map, or fire, or whatever suits you.

You sit in the dark by a window and repeat this spell while gazing at your object:

“Spirit of the soaring moon
Grant to me this simple boon
Show to me what I must see
Reveal to me where it might be.”

The first time I did it I actually saw weird shapes in the water too defined to be shadows or reflections. The second time I didn’t see anything but I dreamed it when I fell asleep afterward.


A somewhat reliable spell with only minor side effects? That’s new. Jokes aside, that’s a really good find, Dey. You’ve motivated me to start researching more spells in the mundane.


I can only hope to be useful. I don’t want to lead us down a rabbit hole, and I don’t think the spell will just point us to the exact locations on a map or anything. But we could use some guidance. Woolie doesn’t have time for rampant internet speculation.


That’s a good point. The urgency slipped my mind. I can take on the scrying if you need. I don’t have much experience with this sort of thing, but I’m happy to help.


Drus, if you found a beacon and a grounding object immediately, it might be you who needs to cast for the Ebbies.

I cant find a beacon.

I’ve looked, but even with my time at sea I still cant find anything.

We should definitely try scrying though. That could work, or at least give us some ideas.


Maybe even sea salt could work (in a pinch :roll_eyes:)


Okay. So. We need two teams.

Scrying team:

Dream team:

I need the names of our volunteers for each so I can keep track of exactly who is doing what!


If it’s okay, can I be on the dream team? :eyes: I need those rêve puns :deirdrexd:


Done and done.


I dont know if this will help, but I’ve got a really good feeling about the hunters moon clue, so I can try to make a beacon for rev or something? If that would help…


Put me down as confirmed for the scrying bit.


I said I’d be down for the dream/out of body thingy, unless @Mr5yy, @Cj_Heighton , or @Helios want to do it?


Go for it!


Yeah, I’m down for it. Just need to know when exactly, especially that we’ll casting in different parts of the world.