Spell Discussion and Planning for Woolie


:grimacing: I’ve been here less than a week and I already broke the Mountaineers.

Kidding. You kind souls are ironclad and unstoppable.

I feel TERRIBLE about the spell but also, yay? Like, super yay? All the clues were found, right?


I manage a little bookshop
I’ll keep fighting for the oppressed
I was the unexpected sibling
I am proud to be an outsider
I won’t let my family be forgotten

Do we think there is a specific order to these?


It certainly sounds like it

Speaking of, here’s the complete breakdown:




TWINNING! Okay, but for reals though.


It kind of sounds like a life story. Maybe Woolies telling us his old life?


I manage a little bookshop
I’ll keep fighting for the oppressed
I was the unexpected sibling
I am proud to be an outsider
I won’t let my family be forgotten
I chose a life free of magic

At least two of these sound like our @Saberlane.


Chose a life free from magiq may be referring to the spell used to wipe the old lodges minds.


Could he be a Mountaineer from Sabes’ group in the 90s?


I manage a little bookshop - Ackerly Green
I’ll keep fighting for the oppressed - Quintessential Ebbie viewpoint
I was the unexpected sibling - Not sure, does Sabes have siblings…?
I am proud to be an outsider - Sounds pretty Sabes, since he was proud of being a Mountie?
I won’t let my family be forgotten - Talking about the 1990 Mountaineers?
I chose a life free of magic - Sabes after the mindwipe

Of course this could just be Woolie memories and I’m projecting it onto Sabes. :joy:


I mean, I don’t know that Saberlane ever fell in love with a guild mate named Molly :brandonthinking:


Here is the last talk Sabes had with Woolie:

Makes me think he was one of those that got lost from his body. But that doesn’t fit with his memories we’ve recovered? Still.


Oh, I was thinking just in the terms of this last set. It is uncanny though, how well it lines up.


Yeah, I was thinking that too. What do we think? Wait. What if they’re pieces of everyone’s memories who lost them from the 90s?


I guess the biggest issue is that these are just so different from the clues we’ve gotten over the past few months. I’m not sure how these biological pieces fit together or if they do at all. If they’re parts of what was lost by the '94 Mounties, what do they have to do with Woolie? Is the reason Woolie has mostly been appearing to Sabes because they’ve met before? Or is it just a case of similar souls drifting together through the whims of fate?

I don’t know. But this has to do with Woolie; whether it’s a path to save him or to honor his sacrifice (and restore magiq), well, I don’t know that either.


I know. They’re little personal statements that are part of someone’s core identity, someone’s essential self and life mission. The bits of someone that made them brave or lonely or selfless.


It does change our perspective on Woolie. It’s been a bit since I referred to the older threads, but I was under the assumption that Woolie had fought when the Silver invaded and lost. But here, it seems like he turned away from the Monarchs, went on to live a mundane life, and feels remorse because he left his guild members? Though the sibling comment is still a bit confusing with what we know now.


Do they go in some type of order?


I’m leaning toward these being statements about different people; it’s possible one might be Woolie, but I’m also itching to make a list of everyone we know that’s missing time, so to speak.

Then again, the feeling of it being more than one person could be my conflicted history with Spoon River Anthology… :ascendershrug:

(Also, hi SpiritSeer! Just realized I hadn’t jumped in on the welcome wagon earlier :sweat_smile: )


While we are at it. We never did figure out what any if the first set of clues referred to. Did we?

A collector of tales
A circle of stones
A lost feather
Buried treasure
A swashbuckling pirate
A fishing town

And what was up with the lighthouse ticket? And the radio play?

There is something bigger here i can’t even begin to guess at.

Also, and most importantly, i am glad you are all safe. Please keep checking in now and then so we don’t worry.

Edit: Tinfoil hat time. Is it possible the first 6 clues and the last 6 are related somehow?

A collector of tales - I manage a little bookshop

I’ll keep fighting for the oppressed - A swashbuckling pirate

I am proud to be an outsider - A fishing town? (Gotta admit this far down it’s getting really sketchy.)

After that I can make no more match. But maybe someone smarter than me can find something.