Spell Discussion and Planning for Woolie


Tink and Rev are some really talented magimystics, I’m sure they’re fine, maybe just sleeping it off like Drus?


I’m okay… I won’t be able to write about it until later.

But I think I’m good to not do this spell again, ha. That was… something else.


Sorry I’m late…let me preface by saying I did not sleep well and pretty much just woke up half an hour ago.

So. I cast the spell last night, honestly a bit skeptical of how it would work. But when I finally fell asleep the “dream” started right away. At first, it didn’t seem like the spell had worked…like maybe thinking so much about the festival just put it on my brain and it was a normal dream…because it seemed like I was just dreaming of the last time I went. I had sort of been expecting that the spell would just take me to the empty field and I’d wander around until…I dunno…an ancestor Mufasa-ed from the clouds to guide me? But instead I was walking the path in from the festival parking, passing people in jeans and modern clothes.

As I got through the gates, though, things changed. The crowds dropped away and the moon was out. It wasn’t dark, but the moon was big in the sky. And the people that were left were dressed…sort of like what the serious costumers wear? But somehow different. As I moved further into the grounds, there were more of these people, but oddly enough I couldn’t make out their faces. I made it to the center of the gathering, with people laughing and dancing, someone playing music. I couldn’t understand what the people were saying, but the crowd felt genuinely welcoming and I found myself drifting deeper. I desperately wished that dream-me had her fiddle too. I knew I couldn’t stay but a traveler could spare a few moments…

As I looked around, I started feeling this phrase drumming under the music: “I’ll keep fighting for the oppressed.”

Suddenly, I felt like I wasn’t alone…like I wasn’t the only outsider to this scene…but the others were less friendly. There were eyes in the crowd, malicious eyes. Like…people who tried the spell and didn’t make it back. They knew I wasn’t meant to be there either. Nothing happened but I woke up (safe at home), pretty shaken. Whenever I tried to sleep after that, it wasn’t peacefully.

I’m also…hesitant (to say the least) of any one of us ever using this spell again but…I wish there was something we could do for the eyes I saw. Maybe they aren’t who they used to be…and maybe what’s waiting for them back on the physical plane isn’t great…but I can’t get the memory of those eyes out of my head…I feel so bad for them…


Well dang that sounds amazing and kind of horrifying. But when it comes to magiq, what isn’t? Glad y’all are ok. @Drus do you yet live?? Blink twice for yes, once for no.

I’ll be sending painkillers, coffee, and herbal tea over the internet cauldron so that’s incoming. Best wishes for a healthy spell sickness recovery :heart:


I’m alive! Sorry guys, extremely crazy day at work - I jumped from one fray to another.

Basically, I think we either shouldn’t repeat this or add extra warding next time. Anchoring is one thing but we didn’t predict we might have something more to deal with here.

First of all, a disclaimer that I should’ve probably made before volunteering: I barely ever remember my dreams aside from one recurring to me since my childhood.

And yet, I fell asleep and it was dark. Then I opened my eyes and looked around me - it wasn’t the bed. It was some sort of a precipice but long abandoned. Overgrown, with leaves hanging in front of me like a curtain. I felt a bit dizzy but then I took a step to look around and the air felt different. It was cold but refreshing, like as if the gusts tried to invigorate me. I looked around but I couldn’t see much more - it was as if it was growing from and into nothingness, hidden from the eyes of everyone - and everything.

And yet, I wasn’t alone. I felt them - a multitude of beings, watching my back, almost breathing my neck. It wasn’t curiosity - I almost felt hostility pouring at me, mixed with envy. At first I thought it was just the remnants of the times past, other souls anchored with their memories and longing to that place. Then I, however, realized this wasn’t the case. They were very much alive, strong and yet… anchorless. Like ships cast away on the ocean with no compass to guide their way home. I tried to focus on bringing back the vision of my beacon but it only enraged them.

They knew it was my first time there and I felt… hatred. Despise. And lust of joining me. You know how it feels when you’re overencumbered and you’re unsure what to do? The beacon wasn’t responding and it took me what felt like ages to recompose myself and focus on Woolie.

At that point all I knew was I had to do this and hope I won’t wake up in the fall. And yet, much to my surprise, I remembered. I remembered it wasn’t the first time of me taking flight. My body knew what to do, instinctively catching up with the winds, feeling them carry me. I was followed by their whispers, angry and merciless but soon they faded away, replaced by something more gentle.

The last thing I remember before waking up was the whispers forming one - bizarre sentence:

I manage a little bookshop

On a sidenote - well, why did it have to be a damn location in the middle of nowhere with homicidal spirit instead of a back room of that bookshop!

Again - if we’re to do this once more, please. Make sure we’ve got something extra.


seems like me and 5 didnt provide enough support, eh. we’ll have to gather more members to help protect in the future.


“Blink once for no.” :rofl:


So we’ve got

I manage a little bookshop
I’ll keep fighting for the oppressed
I was the unexpected sibling
I am proud to be an outsider
I won’t let my family be forgotten

Just Rev’s bit is missing, but he seemed tired and pretty shaken up.

What are we thinking so far? Bits of Woolie’s memories? His identity?


identity of him, or multiple others.


On the contrary, I think you did more than you know. Of the 5 of us that have reported back so far, I seem to be the only one that didn’t experience these angry/desperate beings. Perhaps my wearing my Bali pin channelled whatever you guys were doing and shielded me from them? So, thanks, both of you! Probably would not have gone into Uni today if it was the reverse.

As for what we’ve got, I’m thinking it’s the last of Woolie’s memories. I’m hoping we’re not too late, that these last piece will make him whole again maybe?


I’m sorry for the delay guys… Unfortunately the mundane world stops for no one, and I had a pretty hectic day. And I have to say, it was weird as heck pretending everything was okay.

As you can imagine… it worked. To be honest, I fell to sleep pretty effortlessly. Tuesdays are really long for me, and after three hours of costume design critique, I was pretty battered. Soon as I got everything in place last night, it wasn’t too terribly long before I conked out.

It’s a strange feeling. Like being in a lucid dream. I think I was expecting something a bit more…ghostlike? But it felt…real. I was there, in the palace. And the memory was too, waiting for someone to find it. It was clustering near this giant sun, vivid and bright. It was almost like the two were playing off each other, competing in their brilliance. Getting closer, I could feel its warmth on my skin. The memory sensed me and it came to life. It burst into action, shining in soft gold hues. I don’t know how to explain it, but the memory…sung…to me, its voice echoing off the walls of the palace.

“I chose a life free of magic.”

In the palace, I honestly felt safe and warm. Absolute serenity. It was like nothing I’d experienced before. And if that was all that had happened, I’d probably be advocating for doing it again. But the real problems started as I made my return trip.

I don’t know what happened, but something went wrong. As I left the gentle light of the sun, I found myself in darkness, back into the cold world of the night. I went to return to myself, but I could feel myself being watched. They were everywhere, staring at my with cruel, curious eyes. I don’t know what they wanted, but it wasn’t good. I have no idea what those things were. They weren’t ghosts. Whatever they were…definitely wasn’t dead. I’m not sure if they were human or not. I just know they were…untethered. They didn’t have a place to go back to. I dread saying this, but they may have been the spirits of the coven @SpiritSeer mentioned. I hope that’s not the case, but clearly there’s something else in that realm. Something we don’t understand. And I don’t think we should mess with astral projection again unless it’s an emergency.

I don’t know how I’ll get to sleep tonight. I’ve been trying to pretend like nothing happened, but I can’t stop thinking about it. Those things…what if they’re still around. What if they want to hurt me, or one of you guys? This is definitely a lesson to learn about dealing with powerful magiq. You can never be too careful. It’s not all fun and games.


I am also not looking forward to going back to sleep, honestly. I put back all the component parts from my totem but I was thinking of leaving the box in place maybe? Extra grounding just in case?


Honestly, all I want is sleep. Normal. This would be a nice change after last night :joy:


That might be a good idea. I was thinking about burning sage in my house, I’m not sure if that’d make a difference. I suppose we could try our hand at doing some warding sigils, since so many of us encountered these strange beings?


Personally, I’m gonna take this risk and not do anything special tonight. Technically, I normally have to take meds that knock me out, so they should help.


Gosh, you have no idea how relieved I’m feeling right now, and how terrible I feel for feeling relieved…

Sage and sigils sound like a very good idea right now (and not just cause of the alliteration). If you guys feel you need any help with some warding or protection stuff, say something!

Also… I feel extra bad saying this, but I kinda want to try the spell again with the express intention of seeing whatever it was you guys saw, only this time going in prepared with some way of potentially releasing them. It feels really bad, and my gut is screaming at me right now to stay far far away from this, but urg! I feel for these poor people.


I can only speak for myself but the spirits I encountered didn’t seem like a folk that’s open to negotiations. Even more - they seemed like the only way of being released they considered was either over your dead body or by carrying them with you. And neither of these ideas seemed enticing.


I don’t think they were kind… You should be careful, Nim. I truly believe they had malevolent intentions. It’s kind of like holding your hand out to a rottweiler. Not a good idea unless you want to get your hand bit (or worse).


I don’t think that’s a good idea. They felt evil. Really, genuinely, evil, and you don’t get that vibe from normal humans.


Personally I’m putting up sun imagery everywhere. An old Basque folktale my Gran told me about wandering spirits running at the sight of anything resembling the sun, especially sun flowers.
I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight, but I’m not sure I want to risk dreaming about them.