Spell Discussion and Planning for Woolie


It’s supposed to be a video of me flipping through the pages of the notebook to show that they’re blank…I made CJ take it lol. He can see it on his phone but I can’t anymore?


Ok wait I take it back there is something.

We’ve been staring at it in the light and we can like really just barely make out at the bottom corner of the last page, what we think says “Continued in Vol. 6 – Evelyn Avis Green”


Holy crap, what?!?!?

Do we know anything about an Evelyn Avis Green? Anything in Deeds’s records or old AGP stuff or anything?


Guys I have full body chills


I don’t think? Not that I know of, at least? I’ve never seen it on any paperwork in the office, it’s only ever just been Sullivan or Warner. I feel like any other ‘Green’ name definitely would have stood out if I’d seen it before.


@Saberlane says he’s never seen that name anywhere either.


Um… “the unexpected sibling”?



Did…did Deeds have a secret aunt? Or a secret great-aunt?

Edit: or uncle, or whatever? My friend has a daughter named Evelyn so that’s where my mind goes.


Brb, am freaking out.


“Unexpected” to the point of there being no record of their existence. I am just— :exploding_head:


Oh no. The explosion of my mind has destroyed tin-foil hat number 67. :disappointed_relieved:


Evelyn Avis Green… AG? Maybe the AG that was posting to Instagram? Please tell me I’m not the only one thinking this?


So here’s a question - is it actually blank or is it magimystically sealed? My instinct leans on the latter, especially since it’s resisting being recorded.


I mean, it reminds me of the Monarch Papers left by Sullivan, which seemed to be locked by a similar charm.


I can see the video just fine? 4 seconds of flipping through a blank notebook.


Or are you talking about something else? Sorry, I’m mildly sleep deprived atm.


Quick, fly to Montreal and find that big, burly Gossmere to use tome kindle!

…Okay, i was excited and that sounded better in my head before I wrote it out. We don’t know his real name or where to find him. Deeds would, but then we can’t get in touch with her either.

Okay, things we’ve seen trigger books in the past.

-Emotions - Try getting angry at @Saberlane (I know, that’s basically impossible…)

-Locations - “I manage a little bookshop” maybe take it to any nearby bookstores you like and think of fondly? Ohhhh… or the AG book shop that Saberlane found? Maybe the phone number calls the shop as well?

-Conditions: Stick it in the freezer? (What? It kinda worked for Lauren?)

-Time / seasons - Ostara is coming up in 6 days? Maybe it’ll show up then.

Hmmmm, very interesting.


Yes, that’s what it should be! Super weird that it’s only showing up for some people. Idk what to tell you guys :ascendershrug:


It’s just an audio clip for me. Weird. I think Robert has the right idea(s)? Ostara is coming up. Or maybe you should try burying it in Central Park.


Okay, so… call me crazy, but… that radio show? Didnt it use “volumes” to describe its episodes? Also, volume 6 might mean the sixth book in the lost collection? Wasnt that the little red house?