Spell Discussion and Planning for Woolie


I chose a life free of magic
I manage a little bookshop
I’ll keep fighting for the oppressed
I was the unexpected sibling
I am proud to be an outsider
I won’t let my family be forgotten

Did Woolie leave Neithernor during the war? Get stuck here in the mundane, unable to get back to his friends?

I just… what are we supposed to do now? I like Robert’s note that there are other, previously unconnected memories we’ve received. Maybe they’re hints from literature pointing us to books?


So, there is an even spread of past/present/future tense here. In order, it goes something like:

I was the unexpected sibling.
I chose a life free of magic.
I manage a little bookshop.
I am proud to be an outsider.
I’ll keep fighting for the oppressed.
I won’t let my family be forgotten.

In the past we would hear from Woolie when we had put all six clues together, but I don’t know if we can count on that now. I don’t know, these clues feel so different from the ones we got before. They’re still telling a story, but it feels like it’s almost a different story than before. Anyone with a free moment want to collate all of the previous bits we’ve found in one post for comparison?



This may have absolutely nothing to do with any of this, but it feels weird to me and I’m starting to trust my gut when it comes to stuff feeling weird around here.

So this is my regular notebook. Pretty standard Leuchtturm.

This…is not my notebook. But when I went to pull mine out of my bag this morning, this is what was in there instead of mine. You can see they’re almost exactly the same color, size, and texture, so it’s totally possible I grabbed it on my way out yesterday thinking it was mine and just didn’t notice? I don’t know. It’s totally blank, and there are no brand markings or anything. My regular one was right here on my desk waiting for me when I got in, so again, totally possible I just forgot it? But I’m pretty positive I’ve never seen this other notebook before in my life.

The Secret Society - Buzzed

Whaaat? What’s inside?! :scream:


Literally nothing. Pages totally blank.


Wait can anybody see that?


Um…no, sorry.

On a weirder note, why would Woolie leave you a blank notebook? And is he going to give yours back?


When I try to look at it, it’s blank, but I hear some weird clicking noises. Maybe someone typing?


It’s supposed to be a video of me flipping through the pages of the notebook to show that they’re blank…I made CJ take it lol. He can see it on his phone but I can’t anymore?


Ok wait I take it back there is something.

We’ve been staring at it in the light and we can like really just barely make out at the bottom corner of the last page, what we think says “Continued in Vol. 6 – Evelyn Avis Green”


Holy crap, what?!?!?

Do we know anything about an Evelyn Avis Green? Anything in Deeds’s records or old AGP stuff or anything?


Guys I have full body chills


I don’t think? Not that I know of, at least? I’ve never seen it on any paperwork in the office, it’s only ever just been Sullivan or Warner. I feel like any other ‘Green’ name definitely would have stood out if I’d seen it before.


@Saberlane says he’s never seen that name anywhere either.


Um… “the unexpected sibling”?



Did…did Deeds have a secret aunt? Or a secret great-aunt?

Edit: or uncle, or whatever? My friend has a daughter named Evelyn so that’s where my mind goes.


Brb, am freaking out.


“Unexpected” to the point of there being no record of their existence. I am just— :exploding_head:


Oh no. The explosion of my mind has destroyed tin-foil hat number 67. :disappointed_relieved:


Evelyn Avis Green… AG? Maybe the AG that was posting to Instagram? Please tell me I’m not the only one thinking this?