Spell Discussion and Planning for Woolie


The Secret Society - Buzzed

As before, we shall create a spell! or more accurately recreate it.
to quote our new internet friend.

we need to organize and possible alter it to help us stay…us.
We will also need a grounding piece
again quoting our new internet friend

so lets get cracking mounties!

The Secret Society - Buzzed

So I was thinking of ways we could safeguard this spell…it SOUNDS like one use should be fine but I’m an anxious bean. What if the totem includes something guild-y, like a pin if the person has one. So then the rest of their guildmates could channel some protection magiq?

And we probably need the Herman pins anyway, but maybe something could be done with those…

Edit: upon reread, perhaps the guild pin goes with the vessel…


I’'m thinking of using Ferris and the Shield Sigil from our storm plan to ground me, and then whatever else we need. this is obviously me saying I volunteer as tribute.

It’s just helpful that my familiar is also an iron statue that can ground me easily.


Related question: how many of us are needed to do/should do the spell? Is it better to have more of us in case something goes wrong, or do we want just six people to match up with the six clues?


I think we should go with our usual. One on the spell team and one backup in case for each guild.


What about the Herman pin? Everyone in the secret society has one. It could be a unifying factor.


Makes sense. Maybe the backups can do some grounding work if they’re not asked to step in.


Yeah. We wanna save Woolie but the last thing we need is someone getting lost outside their body forever.


Okay, so just to get this straight (Cause that was a lot of message to read through, lol), we’re using this spell to save Woolie by using the projection to… go to the places from the poem? Or is the poem not a thing here?


I’m honestly ready to dive in. I am a man with many boxes, and I’m willing to take the risk for Woolie. So um… I also volunteer as tribute? :sweat_smile:


We’re trying to astral project to find the locations in the riddle. That way, instead of waiting for someone to physically travel there, we can visit it spiritually.



I’m gonna kinda half volunteer, as I’m not sure what I’d use for the totem yet, though I have the tether down. If another Bali can come up with something they can jump in :slight_smile: I’m down to help wherever though.


I can volunteer for my guild but I’ve been part of a lot of spells already. If someone else wants to step in instead, I have no objection.


If this is truly wrought magiq, then we should be VERY judicious with how we use it/how many people cast it. If I recall Sullivan’s lore right, wrought magiq takes energy and transforms it, using it up in the process. We all know that there isn’t much magiq left in the mundane to begin with. My fear is that if too many of us cast the first part, there won’t be enough magiq left for the anchoring/return.

It breaks my heart to say this, but I will step aside if someone else wants to be a part of this all again. It’s not worth the risk, just to get another “hit” of magiq. I miss it, though.

Edit: Love,
Augustus ‘Debbie Downer’ Octavian


And we should also have a really strong idea about where the dream walkers are going before they, you know, leave their bodies. Which means having some good ideas about the clue-poem Woolie left behind, right?

This is exciting and super super unnerving and scary.


honestly, im volunteering only because i havent had much chance to help with a spell, short of tangentially via my sigils.
I want to help. and Woolie’s one of us.


Yeah, really not something we want to walk into blindly. Or not any more so than could be expected based on performing magic none of us has any experience with whatsoever. So what were those clues again?


My concern about this is if we have too few casters, we may be putting them in danger. We don’t want to overtax the projectors. One per location seems like a safe bet to me. That way travel is limited and there’s just one trip there and one trip back. Less chance of getting lost.


Well, I’m at least pretty confident that the one near me would have worked out if I could have gotten there…but that’s the only really solid one I think…


I feel pretty confident about the “wayward stone”