SOLVED: The Last of the Travelers: The Third Fragment


Sent the last lines now.


@Robert, have you heard from Sumner?


It seems like for some reason comments are still being moderated on DG’s blog even though travler is surely gone by now if the lines he sent to her were the last ones we needed. im going to give the latest comment i sent her way a bit more time, but it isnt looking good.


@Endri No, but I was half asleep and on my phone when I sent them. Maybe I screwed up and didn’t submit or something. I resent the message and hopefuly he doesn’t think I’m spamming him.

Edit: I don’t know. He replied to a post I made last night before we got the last two lines, but not to anything today. I even sent it a third time just to try to make sure tumblr wasn’t just dropping my messages in a hole. Maybe he went back to work and it’ll take a while, or maybe we’re blocked from talking to him now and we have to figure out the last steps to this fragment on our own.


oben = above in German and hedge = …hedge


I just spent the night reading all this.
Robert said he sent me three emails yesterday, but I never got them. I don’t know what the hell is going on. I need to sleep.

For what it’s worth, here’s the poem…

The minnying of Ojorad
was held at Vidivinty’s glade,
a notion Good King Capra had
that proper reverence be paid
to one who fell on Baryn soil,
in diamond coat of blue and red.
The four who stood in mourning voiles
with deep respect their tributes said.

In vermulid tones the cat first spake
Through briaring fronge her tones did rake
from catafalque to ancient tree.
Said she, “Here Magister Woodland lies.
A brave sourl released from jewelled eyes,
bereft of home, his light soars free.”

The second, the Unowl
evinced a brillatent scowl
for she found not the words to mote.
So she unfurled her cowl
to charm fallen and fowl
with the weaves of an outstretched wing

From the third, a mouse with girlish hair,
as her mournful tears clad hallowed air
declaim’d the Plaint of Nhadastra.
“Lo, the stars shine less intently now
in the firmament of glory’s crown.
The lustre of our friend moves on.”

And finally, the julbous toad,
in his gown of winking woad,
sang a stark yet stirring ode
on the hauce his master rode
from the Crook of Ghyver’s Cross
to the Fallen Mokonode.

The Merest part a way of weather
when Watch elects the final frinning
Ebends unbound Mora’s tether
and Forged the Thorns in drubbin minn’ing

To mark the end of their lament,
King Capra rose o’er gathered sways.
“We’ll sing no more! Dance our assent
to morrows and our yester days!”


That last part makes so much more sense in that order.

Thank you for helping us CRSumner. Hopefully this gets us one step closer in figuring out what’s going on for all of us.


CRSumner just pm’ed me that he remembered what the other word for Obenhedge is.



It seems that gives us more page fragments!


Good job everyone on finding the next fragment! And thanks @CRSumner, it is really awesome what you did


Woah, @CRSumner - thank you for joining us and for helping us figure out the poem! And congrats to everyone on the awesome job finding the fragment! I think LT would be proud.


Did he give any detail on how these two words are connected? I don’t get it…


I don’t get it either, honestly. I’ve tried to find a connection between the words, or to the word vhelicorus and the poem and don’t see one. Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t one, I just don’t see it.


@faroutdude, check out CRSumner’s Blog where he explained he dreamed about the connection.


I see where he talks about obenhedge but I’m still missing the connection to ‘vhelicorus’


In his dream Traveler told him if he could remember the entire poem he could find a way around the broken road. And Sumner said in his dream he told Traveler he remembered another name for obenhedge.


Oh…ok. So the solution was just waiting for @CRSumner to remember the word.


Exactly. We had to collect the poem phrases and assemble them, and it took a couple clever recruits who connected CRSumner to this fragment.


Great job, all! And welcome, new recruits and @CRSumner!

Apologies for being a bit under the radar lately – things have been busy! But looking forward to getting back into the groove of things here! :slight_smile:


Welcome back @Dustin!

Have you all checked out The Book this morning?