SOLVED: Post Fragment 12 Possible Heavenly Bodies map


Do we? I must have missed that. I will take a look at the Moscow stuff as well


It seemed like Moscow or St. Petersburg for a few, but at least it narrows them down some.


Yo everyone, our mysterious librarian friend has given us some new details on the Athenaeum. My paste bomb is in the Frag 12 thread as well, but I’ll put it here for redundancy.

"I went back over the docs.

There’s a scrap of paper that may or may not be connected…

It has two additional entries:

Maximilian’s Execution
Continuous Pedagogical

Also, the original doc is torn after “Sadovaya” and the tear nearly matches the new scrap. If it’s connected, the full phrase would be “Sadovaya Malthusian”

Sorry for the incomplete update. Whatever you locate, please update us. We’d love to add your findings to the library."


Thomas Robert Malthus (for Malthusian) is an English guy whose famous for theories regarding population growth and food supplies.


For Maximilian’s Execution


Do you know where he was born or lived? Somewhere he was known to work?


There are Malthusian Chapels in St. Petersburg. And Sadovaya is the name of a street in St. Petersburg.


Sadovaya market in Moscow? - ooh, no, I like @Deyavi 's idea better.


also found this on continuous pedagogical - relates to Kazakhstan


Almaty, Khazakstan is a long way from other points, though…


I don’t think any of the cities on the Dawson website are in Kazakhstan…but maybe that interpretation could point somewhere else too…


I was thinking that… I don’t have a good alternative to offer at this second, though. دقيقة واحدة


Moscow would totally make sense because there’s a few others in russia


I’m liking the link to Moscow. Also, there’s a new thread for cracking the Dawson website!


Yes, everyone, let’s migrate all discussion over to the thread Endri created.


New thread is here.


I’m lost now with all the new stuff!

So it looks like each constellation is in a city. So Paris is one, St Petersburg likely…?


You got it! We’re also thinking Crete and Mexico and possibly Moscow


@Inky, that’s right, but let’s migrate this over to the thread Endri created, that Kingsington linked above.