SOLVED: Post Fragment 12 Possible Heavenly Bodies map


I was trying to look at Nimueh’s jpg in #18 on this thread, specifically at Gladitor’s point on the border of TX and OK.

That border is the Red River (red like blood?), and looks like it’s somewhere between Gainesville, TX and Paris, TX, give or take. There’s Caddo National Grassland there, named after a Native American tribe, but I’ve run out of time for the day to look further into it and see if any of the clues fit anything in that area.

If anyone else would like to poke about on this train of thought while I can’t, feel free!

Also, the other end of the same line looks like it lands flat on Havana. I found an area a little further inland called Artemisa. I didn’t get to look into the potential for shipwrecks just off the coast yet.


Harmony’s Discourse:

I looked for the most detailed versions of Harmonia and Cadmus’ myth and looked up the locations.
Thebes (in Greece) is labeled on the map as Thiva, and Illyria is essentially the coast of Montenegro. Illyria was where the pair lead the locals against their enemies, it’s the closest I can find to her talking beyond when she begs to be turned into a snake (which I think may have still been in that area).


The best Royal Hoop I’ve manged to come up with so far is a Royal Castle in Vreed-en-Hoop. So yeah, any other possible locations for tha are certainly welcome!

I’m thinking the crossgaurd of Gladitor isn’t right and that the long/short tips may be reversed. I’m also still worried about the duplicates.

And if Aothora is indeed east Europe/Asia, then we’re looking for a point somewhere around the Caspian sea.


I really want to give a heartfelt thanks to all the new Mounties on this thread for jumping in with both feet and taking on this mystery!


Ok so I just had a thought. Yesterday was Summer Solstice, aka Longest Day, so I was wondering if that could have any correlation to current situations, or If that’s an unnecessary detail. It seems a bit unnecessary but I just wanted to put that out there.


When looking up Argonauta a specific sea creature came up. If we can do some digging into the origins of this animal: we may have some ideas for a location.

It’s possible it’s a lead, it wouldn’t hurt to look into it.


Actually, “Argonaut” (Which is what the Sea Creature is named after) are any of the 50 Greek heroes who went to fetch the Golden Fleece in Greek Mythology. Would it be incorrect to suggest Greece?


GUYS, IT’S KICKED OFF, look what @Leigha the genius found!


I edited the top post and added in Fletcher’s website.


There’s a link in the top post. I’ve been trying to keep it up as a wiki-style entry, per @Robert’s vision.


Thanks @Augustus_Octavian!


Since we were thinking that there might be something in Asia, there’s the Shanghai Peace Hotel and the Osaka Peace Pagoda which are both important historical/cultural sites. I don’t know if anything would line up with those, or if it’s worth pursuing…but maybe for Harmony’s Discourse it’s a possibility?


Is there a consensus on which of the twenty names we believe we have definite locations for, other than Bersemis-1? I was reviewing the spreadsheet, and there’s a lot of different stuff on there. I think with the new information from Fletcher Dawson’s website, it’s safe to say that each of the names maps to a physical location, and not space objects, mythological figures (directly), etc.


we should definitely look through it again now we know we’re looking for physical locations i think!


“Missy Mazzoli has had her music performed globally by the Kronos Quartet”
That’s a hell of a coincidence if not
They are related to New York City

SOLVED: Phase 3 Assessment: Fletcher Dawson

Nice find! NYC may be what we’re looking for for “Victoire.” The constellation is Durkonos, not Kronos, though.


MY life… i read it wrong


Ok folks, the Fletcher Dawson website is live.

it seems we need to find one city representative of each constellation, so we mayweed to scale down our mapping. I’ve forwarded this to the other threads, we need to focus our efforts here:


Just going off what @MissEvans said, if you look at Paris for instance, there is a large amount of points in this city. And the points seem as though they are in the general shape of “Gladitor”. I am not saying that is it, but it seems to fit the bill


I was just going through the Paris notes myself.
We also have a Moscow cluster too.