SOLVED: Post Fragment 12 Possible Heavenly Bodies map


In a quick search for Royal Hoop I manged to pick up a basketball club based in Port-Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria that goes by a similar name. Don’t know if it’s worth a point, though.


I’m poking around for something to go with Player’s Frigate as well; searching by seeing if there are any frigates named “player” in another language.

Found a wrecked frigate, Medusa, that sank thanks to an incompetent captain (whom I suppose could be considered a player in modern slang).


Argus, the builder of the ship for the Argonauts, was also famous for a statue he made of Hera…statue connections?


I added Euronyme to the “Zeus’s Meadow” entry. She was the third wife of Zeus and was the goddess of pastures and Meadows. Better fit, I think, then Europa.


So i did a bit of digging for Harmony’s discourse and i think the strongest lead is Harmonia, daughter of Ares and Aphrodite or Zeus and Electra (no one can decide). Harmonia was actually the God of ‘love that unites all people, the personification of order and civic unity’… which is basically what discourse means!!

Also, I’ve just thought about something. Could we be looking at this wrong? Instead of trying to map out the constellations randomly, what if we tried to sort the material into categories (Greek myths, Nature, people etc?) and see if that brings us to anything! What do people think?

Update: She wasn’t the god of those things, she was closely associated with Aphrodite Pandemos who was. Sorry guys! Guess it still counts though right?


I think that may be a good idea


I’ll try to have a play around and see what I come up with!! I’m not a boss like @Inky and @Nimueh but I’ll 100% give it a go


There’s a shed load of Greek connections here. It might be worth pursuing those, leading us to places. The Ancients were pretty widespread.


i added three more points based on a search through the registry of coat of arms and digging up any royals whose coat of arms consisted of a hoop.


More Player’s Frigate:

I was looking at how the points for Gladitor line up and saw one off the coast of North Carolina, which I know has shipwreck legends everywhere. With a bit of digging (read: find on page feature on a list of NC shipwrecks), Queen Anne’s Revenge came up as a frigate (the only frigate on the Wikipedia list, for whatever that’s worth) that had run aground there.

With a famous pirate ship on the list, I did some searching for Blackbeard in video games, and he is a playable character in one of them. So if you were to play that game, one would presume that the player’s frigate would be Queen Anne’s Revenge.


Loving the literal leap on that. Yes, The Queen Anne’s revenge is down there somewhere. It is thought that Teach deliberately run his ship aground there to give his crew a reason to abandon him so he could settle down. He spent a long time as a “respectable” “celebrity” in the West Indies, after this I think.


Okay lads! I’ve pinned the ones we’re sure about and left out:

The Royal Hoop
**Victoire (There are so many places?) **
Player’s Frigate
The Swallow
Moskva’s Curve
Zeus’ Meadow

If you guys can see any patterns emerging, please feel free to edit or update! Let me know what you think?

Edit: I’ve colour coded it and put them into three sections; Places, people and myths!


Wow, didn’t notice all the new posts!

If you look at the “Definate” locations on the map (at least based on the lines we already have) we have duplicates of Vieux Haven, Victoire and Capucines. I’ve gone through the new additions to the map and cleaned them up (pretty colours :slight_smile:) .


Could you post a link if possible?


go ahead! :smiley:


This is what you’re referring to, right? Or are you looking at something different?


urg, I’m so tired right now I didn’t even read that properly. Too many thing at once! lol


It’s okay- we all have stuff, I know. But also I might have a theory about the “Royal Hoop.” I think it might be a description of a crown? It’s circular with an opening, like a hoop, and it signifies royalty. The good news to that is that there are lots of references to crowns in history and mythology. The bad news is that there are LOTS of references to crowns in history and mythology. But if I’m right, the constellation they’re referring to is definitely either Corona Borealis or Cassiopeia. Thoughts?


From the possible heavenly bodies actually being in space angle, it’s a thought.

Any possible map locations from those that come to mind?


Well the first thing that comes to mind for me are the Crown Jewels of the UK, but I’m still looking