SOLVED: Post Fragment 12 Possible Heavenly Bodies map




I’m thinking the final one might fit in Greece, Iran, Sciliy points. just needs one or two more points to fit.

Edit: I’m gonna move the used points onto the “Definite” layer so we can turn the others off for a better look and start discarding clues that have been used for the constellations we already have.

Edit 2: Not sure I like that some of the names are used in more than one constellation.and there’s a couple of points missing on each one…


It’s probably okay as long as it’s only three being used twice, since we have twenty things to work with and twenty three stars in the constellations. We’ll either have duplicates or blanks, far as I can tell.


Currently we have both, which is what’s concerning me. We have two blanks and 3 duplicates (Vieux Haven, Capucines and Victoire).


Feel free to remove the lines galifanx and durkonos, as that was what looked appropriate at the time. Least we’re on the right track!


Just wondering if the constellations need to be a sensible placement.

Americas is the sword (gladitor), so eastern Europe/over in Iran for the shield (galifanx) Russia for the helm (durkonos) and Europe for the armour (aothora)?

I’m fiddling again. I think all the points need to be on a land mass unless we’re going to have some lost civilzation stuff going down.


Well, we could be looking for a ship wreck for Player’s Frigate… And your lines are fine, I was just wondering if we could link the remaining clues to those areas to eliminate the duplicates.


I found a photo editor online and took a stab at lining the constellations up with the points we’re pretty sure about. If they’re supposed to line up exactly, the locations need a little fine-tuning (I tried Galifanx, and the line that’s currently going off to Berlin ends up in Austria).

Since Gladitor was lining up best, I tried several alignments and took screenshots (sorry for the photo dump). I also tried with the hilt at Bersimis-1, but it didn’t look as promising. The last one (mirrored with the long prong at Bersimis-1) needed no rotation to line up, if that makes it any more promising.

Edit: please feel free to ignore the awkward green pin up in NE Canada, I was investigating something there and couldn’t get the darn thing to go away (or don’t, there is a Jupiter River on that island if it turns out to be something).


You are an absolute genius!! I think one and 5 work the best! I’ve just come out of an exam, so I’m free to help! Is there anything I can do?


Yeah the one that has the pointer to Berlin I drew on with the line tool, not using an image editor to overlay the constellations.

The hmmm one is my most recent fiddle using the actual images we got from the fragments.


Thread bump.


Time to regroup and crack down on the clues we’re stumped on still.


do we have a shortlist of those?


Royal Hoop
Zeus’ Meadow
Players Frigate
Moskva’s Curve

We have ideas for a couple but nothing really solid enough to help with mapping the constellations on. We’re fairly sure everything is north of the equator at this point.


So I just joined yesterday and I might not be fully up to speed yet, but from the list Argonauta makes me think Jason and the Argonauts from Greek mythology. So that could give options in Europe for other points to match (places in the myths), or maybe some references to the Argonauts in NA (some sports teams, a college newspaper in Idaho, stuff like that)? Not sure if I’m quite thinking about this the right way yet, but it didn’t look like anything was out there for Argonauta yet…


@Tinker I’m the same, don’t worry!! If you check out the excel table above, I think someone might’ve already put that down. But it’s a very strong lead considering it’s a popular myth!! You’re definitely thinking the right way, welcome <3


Oh, I didn’t even see the spreadsheet! I’ll add a couple specifics there to flesh out the line a little more…see if that sparks anything for anyone else!


Moskva’ curve - The Verebinsky bypass on the Russian railway?
Or the curve of the river?


This may be a sort of sideways approach to Player’s Frigate, but “player’s” makes me think of Shakespeare. The historic French frigate Hermione, named for a character in Greek myth who appears in Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale, was built and reconstructed in Rochefort, France. Too out there?


Hermione pretends to be a statue… but I’m not sure how well that chimes in?