SOLVED: Post Fragment 12 Possible Heavenly Bodies map


Hi all. This thread is to track the line of thought that the 20 ‘possible heavenly bodies’ are actually clues to physical locations within the world. Given the same locations like Paris and St Petersburg keep coming up, it’s likely there are a handful of locations covered by these 20 clues. If in doubt on a location, my humble suggestion would be to start looking in one of the places we already know are covered. Or a location that can cover multiple unsolved clues.

Please keep this thread to the task of finding real world locations to match these clues, and trying to come up with an overriding reason and solution to these locations. I’ve tried to pull every bit of corroborated findings out of the main thread into here. I apologize if I miss some. This post will be a wiki, so feel free to update it as necessary.

Reference material.

Rumyantsev - St. Peretsburg Russia
Vieux Haven - New Haven or Marseilles
Cristossangre - Likey to be the Cristo Sangre mountain range.
Wallonia’s Second - Liege seems to be a good fit.
Harmony’s Discourse
> The Royal Hoop
Victoire - several potential locations
Bersimis-1 - Quebec, Canada - SOLID LOCATION
Capucines - roads in both France and US
Player’s Frigate
Sadovaya - St. Petersburg Russia
Haussmann’s Sanctuary - Paris, France
Obregón’s Requiem - Mexico City
Sallefavart -Paris, France
Moskva’s Curve
Forgotten Forest - Pennsylvania
Legorreta’s Interior - Mexico potential
Zeus’ Meadow

Links with info:

Original Lost Athanaeum post, found by @Firefish

@Mordiscas spreadsheet

@Nimueh map

@Inky map

Images of the Constellations (all in one place)

Fletcher Dawson’s Website - Four Magical Objects Hidden in Cities Across The Globe (non-material Joradian protected)

FOUND: Fragment Twelve: Into Hell - Aorthora
FOUND: Fragment Twelve: Into Hell - Aorthora
SOLVED: Phase 3 Assessment: Fletcher Dawson
FOUND: Fragment Twelve: Into Hell - Aorthora

Edited to add Inky’s map, which has some lines between the dots, and a very Galifanx-looking Europe. Any way we could merge the two maps?


Edited another link to the original Lost Athanaeum post. Won’t hurt to periodically drop back in and see if our friend the librarian has any more information to share.


@Augustus_Octavian Merged them :slight_smile:


d’aww. I did a thing! yay!


I think what I’ll do in the morning, if someone wants to merge the maps again, sort the locations into layers again etcetc, is use my desktop computer and see if I can overlay the other constellations at all with the guesswork we have.
One needs to go in the US, which is somewhere to start.


One in the US and one in Asia might give us the 4. But yeah, I’ll export your map to add it to my one and sort the layers out. I’m also going to take a look at what we’ve both got so far and merge them porperly rather than the “Inky’s Map” layer, cause a lot of the points are on both anyway.


Neato. Just finding the constellation images wherever they were and sorting out my image software so I can do it on a big screen :smiley:


@Inky - I edited the main post and added in @Skylad’s compilation of the constellation images


Ta muchly.

Where did the Iranian point info come from? (if you could edit the tags so it says which clue it relates to on the map, much appreciated, easier to see how many locations for one clue we have too)


Probably the Persian poet. Iran is located in historic Persia.


That’s what I thought but a couple of specific locations have been marked, I just got ‘Iran’ I think when I tried to plot in Persia.

Done some tag name editing, going to do some image fiddles.


Tags editted with descriptions showing where the place came from (unless it’s pretty self explanitory). All points now marked with the corisponding clue (again, unless self explanitory).


hmm.pdn (444.2 KB)

This is all purely guessing really but maybe someone else will look at it and go hmmmmmm


I can’t open that file on my phone. What program does it work for?


I can’t open the file on my computer either! :sob:


I’m looking for a program now, I’ll say if I find something


Chaged file type for people to see it.

Edit: has been added to the map using other points we have in NA. Should it also be reversed though maybe?


If anyone else can make coherant sense of this starry chaos then please do, this is just me going ‘does that fit over there?’


DUDES, I definitely think that Gladitor frag 10 fits! All the points match and you’ve got it pretty spot on! What do you think?