SOLVED: Phase 3 Assessment: Fletcher Dawson


Another question: did results from the previous assessments come with roman numerals or other numbers/years/etc?


If i remember correctly, didn’t the first assessment come with Roman numerals?


Yes, there’s a thread about Roman Numerals. I believe each assessment, as well as a couple of the fragments had roman numerals.

Edit: Here’s the thread

In every case they are an increasing set of numbers. Each new set of fragments, including this one, keeps that direction.


I found this Tumblr called Chronocompass? It matches the black and yellow colour scheme but only seems to have a few unhelpful posts. Or maybe they are helpful and i just haven’t spotted it!


I agree with you Elise, there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly specifically magiq about the blog, but perhaps someone how has been around basecamp for longer can confirm that. It seems like it might just be a personal blog for storing memories, but we’ll see!


Just popping in to say well done everyone! That was a tough one but great job!


So wait we figured it out?


Yeah, we managed to figure it out last night<3


Ugh…and I missed it…I’m so lost…


Don’t worry! We haven’t done much! SO, I managed to get into the website, and now we’re trying to figure out everything.
This is what is goes to, but the whole website isn’t up yet and the only link is Art. Then, you can see all the stuff in there.


I’m at work atm…and they have that website blocked :confused: guess ill have to wait to get off work to check it out lol thanks!


Man, you leave for a week or so to get back to the Wilds and someone cracks the third assessment. Good job to everyone involved, and especially to you, @EliseCeri. You make me proud to be in the same guild!


Thank you SO MUCH! <3 so much excitement in the last two days.


Something that struck me is the names of a couple of the files. The Caterpillow and Cosmos files both have dates, but the Chronocompass has this


And the Key is named “clean-1”
I just find that… interesting.




Could be. I took it as “the chronocompass” with an o at the beginning for… reasons?


I did a quick google to see if “othe” meant anything…seems to be a village in France but mostly google thinks I meant “other”


Wow you guys have done an amazing job! Well done everyone


Question: What’s the deal with the ant and caterpillow story? There have been bits everywhere, do we know what for?


Ah! Fantastic job, everyone! Didn’t take too long, now did it? :grin: