SOLVED: Phase 3 Assessment: Fletcher Dawson


Yea, I was definitely thinking years or something like that. Just not sure what they relate to though…


Well done to everyone to helped solve this!!


The question is, now that we have this:

What do we do with it? I just checked the Book. Still burned.


Are we sure it’s a key for the book?


Yay you guys did it! Well done. I’ve been laid up with a bad back (got an urgent MRI being arranged) and trying to sort out house move nonsense still and looking at puppies and a little dudes 1st birthday party. Lots of stuff!

has a nosey about


OH i have a question! have we already found out what a chronocompass is? I might’ve missed that


I have one as well. What’s with the children’s story? I feel like there is some hidden meaning in it.


A while back Deidre mentioned to her lawyer that she remembers her father reading her the story of the Ant and the Caterpillar. Although, she swears when she was a kid it was really called ‘The Ant and the Caterpillow’.

This seems to be the story that her father read to her as a child. I’ve always assume it’s one of the Lost Collection stories that have been erased from history that we are looking for.


hey, question to yall. does anyone else feel like the design for the chronocompas seems wrong to them?


Cosmos picture numerals : 1324.1376.1409.1413.1416.1627.1647.1654.

Gaps between numbers: 52, 33, 4, 3, 211, 20, 7

(M=1000, C=100, L=50)

Roman numerals are commonly used for years. Hrm.


I honestly am not sure where that design for the chronocompass came from. The idea that the guilds correspond to directions on a hexagon we got from the second assessment. The placement of the sun and moon and the guilds place we got from that assessement also.

We knew the idea, but it seems Fletcher Dawson somehow put them into art. Or discovered someone who already had.

Just another question we have for this person whenever we find them.


The design seems to be the same to me for the Chronocompass

From the Fletcher Site:

From the forum before hand in REALLY BAD QUALITY PLEASE DONT HATE ME:

So they’re definitely the same design. Now to move on to the question of why that is under future works and what that means for us.


That is for sure a key for the Book of Briars. For those who’ve been around for the past two assessments, we’ve seen that key twice before. Unfortunately the Book site is broken, so we can’t show you, but it’s definitely the same key.


mmhm. okay. fine. it just felt off to me


Ah great so we just have to find out how to fix the book


So where are we now? Looking for clues on the site? Or did we just jump into another rabbit hole…


Now I think we are waiting. Most assessments have been accompanied by a time of “rest” after. Not sure if we will get one this time, but I think we wait and see how the magiq current flows next


Agreed with Brendon. But I’d add, we’re kinda off script now. With no book of briars to announce new fragments, we need to keep checking back and trying new ideas to make sure we don’t miss anything.


New thread for discussing everything is here:


Just for something that could be productive (or pointless poking around), I started looking at the numbers as years and if anything possibly linked back to the clues or cities.

Nothing yet, but three of the four even years on there are leap years, and two of the animals in the picture are known for leaping, so maybe that’s a thing?