SOLVED: Phase 3 Assessment: Fletcher Dawson


Check out future works


ALSO, the picture with the constellations has Roman Numerals again at the bottom!


Deeeeeeefinitely want to know who this Fletcher Dawson fellow is and why the chronocompass and third assessment imagery are on his author website.


Good job everyone!! This is so exciting!! And good job @EliseCeri for putting the final touches on :grinning:


One question: Why put such a hard lock if your website isnt even complete?


I want to investigate more but I have things to to. I’ll do some more digging later.


Also, @OracleSage says congratulations everyone! He can’t get on right now, but he wants you all to know that he is very proud of you all, for all the work you’ve done!


I think we’re seeing everything we need to, right now. Remember what Augie said, “Trust the flow of magic. Trust whoever it is that wants us to open the book.” So far Fletcher is a friend, who locked his site to everyone but us.


I’m going to start on the Roman Numerals, perhaps I’ll learn a new skill whilst I’m doing it!!! :’) I love all you guys, I’ve never felt more welcomed into a group than here. I know I’m where I belong <3


You absolutely belong here, @EliseCeri.


What a boss! Great job!!!


In case y’all need it still:


Okay, someone may want to double check me here, but the Roman numerals at the bottom of the image are:
1324, 1376, 1409, 1413
1416, 1627, 1647, 1654


Yeah that looks right. Same as what I got anyway <3


Congratulations Mounties!


Well done everyone!


Good work!


Could they be dates?


@Furia yes i think there is a big possibility that they’re dates!! I wonder what the dates are referring to though?


welcome to the set of people to solve the assessment first!

you definitely belong here.