SOLVED: Phase 3 Assessment: Fletcher Dawson


So I just went back over the google doc…there was an entry added for Paris under “Argonauta”, but the landmark is tagged “L’hirondelle”. I’m not sure what that’s from, but I’ll see if I can go back and find any talk of that in the thread

Edit: That was me mis-filing a landmark someone found a few days ago. I’ll move it to the line for The Sparrow, and here’s the address for it:
32 Rue de l’Assomption, 75016 Paris, France


I am not saying this means anything, but the Hydro-Quebec headquarters is pretty darn close to the Old Port of Montreal (Vieux Haven perhaps?)


In regards to a “The Swallow” in Russia - St. Petersburg has a small bird statue that I think is near St. Michael’s Castle. But the origin story I found for it is that it’s a siskin now a swallow…so I wanted to throw it out there because it’s near something suggested for another clue, but I don’t have a ton of confidence in it


Now that you make me look at Montreal again. I notice Concordia University is near those two. Harmony’s Discourse, maybe?


I am just going to throw this out there, I am loving the ideas and I am loving everyone just throwing ideas to the wall and seeing what sticks. This feels very “classic” mountaineers, and you are all fitting in perfectly. Happy to be solving this all with you


Oh really? Need to look into that. Will throw it on my map I have been generating, will respond back if I see a pattern


Concordia is the roman goddess of harmony. It came up in my research. And discourse is kinda like discussing and teaching…if you tilt your head.


So, mapping out Hydro-Quebec, Old Port of Montreal and Concordia University, Mont Royal is awfully close to these other clues, I don’t know if there are facts that can connect the clue (Royal Hoop) to the Mountain, but I will investigate further


It would be nice if we haf a scale of some sort. You know like the distance thing on the map legend where an inch is equivalent to a mile or whatever. Then we could further narrow all of this down by distance between city locations.


Also…how hard have we looked at Crete as being a viable option?? Because Zeus was supposedly raised in a mountain range by nymphs…mountain ranges have meadows…and meadows usually house nymphs.

Crete is also known for their bird watching particularly swallows.


I added some Crete connections earlier. There is also a connection in that Europa was abducted from a meadow by Zues so that he may install her as queen of Crete.


Now bear with me for a second, but I think we are definitely making progress. Take a look at the pictures below. They are both of Montreal with the clues discussed earlier. But take a look:



Personally, Aorthora looks somewhat promising, more so than Durkanos. But why I am posting this, is we have a kind of range that we should be looking around now. It doesn’t narrow things down a ton with the clues, but geographically it does. And I think this could be a good step in reinvigorating us.

Also, I have no idea what our guidelines are as far as sharing information, this hasn’t been presented to us like a typical assessment, so if someone feels as though this is too much, tell me. I don’t really want to get transmogrified :frog:. I wouldn’t mind enjoying my long weekend

EDIT: added information


I think transmogfication is off the table at this point. I suppose we could keep it to just locations and let people plot their own points and see the constellation. But since you seem to need the constellation to get the final vague clues not sure that’s reasonable.


We need all the resources available to get through this, so I am fine with as much sharing as we can


Dreadfully sorry for being away for a week, got pulled into so many things to do!

That aside, I’m thrilled to see everyone pushing on and using all their wits for this. Keep up the good work!


Is there a google doc for this? I know there used to be one, but I can’t find it anymore.


This is the only google doc I know of. ((If anyone knows how to pin this to the top of the thread, please let do!!!))


It already should be. It should be in the “Popular Links” section just under the very first post


It’s showing as the second most popular link for me. If you scroll up to the top post, the popular links are in that grey infoxbox under the frequent posters section. It’s listed at Fragment Twelve: Mystery Constellations - Google Sheets.


Idea. Durkonus is the only constellation with a curve. Previous serches for royal hoop have yielded paths and streets more than places. If the path is curved, could it not be connecting the two sides of Durkonos?