SOLVED: Phase 3 Assessment: Fletcher Dawson


TL;DR: We are right on track and doing amazing! Don’t give up, we can definitely tackle this together.

I just want to make a general announcement. We have had a lot of new recruits and mountaineers, which I have absolutely loved seeing. But it is around this time that we can get discouraged or we can start to lose heart that we are ever going to progress. As someone who has been through two previous assessments (I am still assuming this is an assessment?), we are right on track. These assessments are meant to stretch us, meant to make us grow. We wouldn’t be progressing as Users of Magiq if we didn’t have to work through the ugly.

Each previous Assessment has been given to us in order to work in different areas, intuition, recollection (if I recall correctly? see what I did there ;)). This one is likely no different. This one is bending us, and working us, the trick is to not let it break us. We have accomplished many great things as a group, and this will be no different. The Kindly Brew for Finding Hidden Things was eventually put back together and completed. The Tetrahedron was constructed and assessed.

We have a lot of people to do this for, a lot of people to prove that we are capable of being trusted. Deirdre, Cole, Marty, The Late Sullivan Green, Aether, The Council. Countless others that I am sure I am missing. All of these people are counting on us, all of these are “watching” us. Watching our next moves. So, to you new mountaineers, the ones that have come in here ready to go, only to get slowed by 22 “possible celestial bodies”, don’t lose hope. You have the rest of this group beside you, and we will finish this assessment just like we have finished the rest, a little beaten, a little weary, but it has always been together.

Okay, announcement done. Everyone can continue with their days and work now.


I just wanted to add to this awesome post that it took us something like a month to get through the second assessment (the tetrahedron) and that was with help from the Book of Briars. The Fletcher Dawson site was found, like, a week or so ago?

I know it’s super stressful, and these assessments are meant to get harder and harder, but y’all have been killing it. For new folks, this is a tricky puzzle to jump in on, but you guys have been doing an amazing job.


Thanks for organizing this, @Tinker - we can’t do this without you!


Oh my goodness so many posts!! Have we made any leeway? After tomorrow i’ll be exam free and back to my usual investigative self


I’m glad it’s helpful! Everyone’s doing great work, the least I can do is help keep it in order!


Couldn’t Zeus’ Medow be the temple of the Olympian Zeus in Athens??


As a standalone clue, I’d totally be willing to put that temple on the list. But we’d have to find 4-5 other clues that could also be in Athens to go along with it. If we can do that, we’re golden.

I’m just trying to simplify at this point, myself. I can barely keep track of the 4-6 cities we think are involved.


As of right now, we have Athens on the (quite long list) of potential places for Harmony’s Discord, and we have the city with no specific landmark for The Swallow and Argonauta. We do have “Zeus’ Triangle” down for a potential for Zeus’ Meadow but I’m not sure if that’s the same place…Either way, it might be more promising if we can nail down those other three and/or find some others that could link to Athens.


With how fast this thread moves now, would someone (@Robert ?) mind, every 100 posts or so, doing a quick recap?

‘No new leads, still working on them.’ ‘Confirmed for certainly certainanty doodly’ and the like.

I get giddy whenever I check in you guys are working so hard :smiley:


@Inky, you can do that yourself by going to the first post at the top of the topic and clicking the blue button labeled “Summarize this topic.” Very useful in these longer threads. :slight_smile:


Now that is some sort of strange magic. Cor.


Okay, been a little busy last couple of days, but I’m gonna go throguht the posts and see if I can map some more (lol, I think if I see another map after this I’m gonna tear it up). I did have a potential location for Argonauta, or at least an idea for one.

Recap of thoughts for those that may have missed it: (TL;DR There was a statue of Hecate at Temple of Athena Nike in Athens.) I followed through the link to the Argonauts and thought that the name suggested a female Argonaut. The only woman on board the Argon would have been Medea, Jason’s wife. She was a daughter of Hellios, but also a witch and priestess of Hecate. In Athens, a statue was once outside the temple of Athena Nike on the Acropolis, which is where she was worshipped in the city.

Edit: I did however also map this point as a potential Victoire in Athens as Athena Nike is “Wingless Victory”. This is of course only relevent if we don’t use Victoire in Paris.


There is a statue of Medea but I’m not sure where it is so ill look into that. Also I haven’t been able to find anything on Player’s Frigate except the US Constellation but there’s no strong link.


Honestly Player’s Frigate is the one that’s stumping us all! There are so many random things it could be, but none with solid cities to link them too. I’ll keep searching on that one!!


I’m currently looking into the history of Battleships in case that comes up with anything. Other than that, I have literally no idea what to do with this one. Let’s hope that we can get the others nailed and this one then falls into place.


I found this for Legoretta’s Interior; I think it fits nicely.

I added it to the spreadsheet.

Update: “Camino Real” is apparently a chain with several buildings in Mexico City proper. I’m having trouble finding a address for the original (?) one from the late 60’s described in the article above.


I can’t see anything for the game, coming up with componies I can’t search for or places we don’t care about (as in, not on the site). I did find an English politician by the name of Sir Thomas Player, and I’m currently trying to connect him to ships.

Edit: Link in case anyone’s interested in trying to follow up also:


Ok, so it looks like we’ve almost narrowed it down. The cities and/or province that most seem to agree with at this time is:
St. Petersburg, Moscow, Montreal, either Quebec the province or Quebec City, Madrid, Mexico City, and Paris.
Going with this list, maybe we could make a list of possible combinations for the website.


Assuming my math is correct, with that many possible cities, we are still looking at about 840 permutations. I still think our best bet is continuing to work through these clues. Yeah, it may seem like we have hit a wall, but all it takes is one “a-ha!” moment and we are back to making significant progress.

Something I have also been thinking, I am not convinced we have all of the information (we may, and I could just be losing it). We have 22 “possible celestial bodies”, there are 23 stars making up the various constellations. What if we get more information through the The Lost Antheneum that may help with some of the more “vague” clues. We may not get anymore information, so we shouldn’t stop working on this, but it is something that has crossed my mind


The current problem is that even if there are 840 possible combinations, no one is trying to even find the right order. It’s good that we are finding the correct answers, but there still is the order that we need to put them in. Maybe if we do get more info, it’ll sort itself out, but until that, “ah-ha” moment or more info comes, we are dead in the water. Maybe focusing on something else will refresh our mindset so we won’t keep going back and forth.