SOLVED: Phase 3 Assessment: Fletcher Dawson


Sorry trying to catch up. Could someone link me to this newsletter of Dawson’s for me?


We don’t have the actual newsletter, but we have what we think are the important bits.

If you go to

Username: RKAdler

Password: 2jF)jD3qg9&QUFUC)MBNAC

Then you can see the replies from the librarian to someone (Aether maybe?) which includes the 22 clues from the newsletter.


Okay thanks @Robert


I think that’s something that varies based on your browser’s settings/how much you’ve expanded the window? (Ex. I tend to keep my browser fullscreen and it reads “You Fletcher around” and “items cities world” for the left and right respectively.) The font size and line arrangement for the introductory paragraphs don’t seem to stay consistent when the window’s been resized, anyways, so I’m not sure it’s significant.


Okay, so going off the google spreadsheet and the bits of the process I was around for, here are (what I think are) the “top tier” locations;

Rumyantsev: Technically it could be Moscow or St. Petersburg, but we’ve got it pretty solidly linked to one family and have specific points for each (if I recall correctly, the two landmarks listed for St. Petersburg are very close to each other)
Bersimis-1: We have so far only found the power station in Quebec and this clue seems pretty straight-forward
Capucines: The only theory ever suggested was Paris. There is a street named this, but it is likely linked to the now-renamed nunnery
Haussmann’s Sanctuary: Definitely Paris, though a few landmarks have been put forward as options
Sallefavart: La Salle Favart in Paris

We may need to take another look at clues, find some new way of evaluating them, to extract more “top tier” clues, because several link to Paris and we then only get 3 cities. (Assuming it is not BOTH Moscow and St. Petersburg, which I think is a safe assumption given that their clues tend to overlap instead of being distinct)

There are others that have a couple potential meanings and locations, but where one is significantly more likely when put in the context of the rest of our theories. I did not include these in this list. Also, these were the ones that stuck out to me. And one final note, we still don’t have any theories (on the spreadsheet at least) about the location for Player’s Frigate.

Edit: Victoire also only had Paris as an option, but since that word seems like it could have more interpretations than say, a family name/etc, I left it off to encourage more pushing on it


Additionally, there are several clues that seem to point firmly at Mexico City (Legorreta’s Interior, Maximilian’s Execution, Obregon’s Requiem) but I know there’s been back and forth on Mexico City, so I wanted to keep that separate.


@Kelsey and I spent the better part of 2 hours trying to dwindle down some of these clues. We wanted to start fresh with an “unbiased” opinion of these clues, so we didn’t use the previous notes and what not. I am going to post what we found, most of it turned out to be what was already discussed so I apologize if this is just repeating information, but sometimes this can help others. We also weren’t sure about “Quebec” on Fletcher Dawson’s site. The site says city, but Quebec is a province, so we looked at it more as Quebec City at this point and time, but if that doesn’t yield anything, we can expand to the entire province.

Rumyantsev House - St. Petersburg (Original Rumyantsev Musuem before being moved to Moscow) (Think it could be this one)
Rumyantsev Museum - Moscow

Vieux Haven - Looked for Old Ports in French communities tied to Fletcher Dawson
Old Port of Montreal - Montreal
Old Port Quebec City - Quebec City

Cristossangre - Translates to “Christ’s Blood”, fact it is spanish is odd
Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood - St. Petersburg (Judging by the proximity to others in St. Petersburg, this one seems likely)
El Cristo de la Sangre - Painting in Museo Sorolla, Madrid

Wallonia’s Second - Leige is the second largest city in the Wallonia District
Rue de Liege - Montreal
Rue de Liege - Paris

As you can see, a lot of these are very open ended and resulted in a couple possibilities. I believe we are literally going to have to go through every clue, determine the possibilities and narrow down to our four cities that way. You can see that there are some commonalities forming already even with this small sample size. But this was as far as we got after two hours. I am pretty sure this is all stuff that has been discussed by you guys, with maybe a few other points thrown in. But hopefully this can just be another building block to the amazing work you have all done already.


Several of those do match up, which is reassuring! Good find on the Vieux Haven(s). Both “Old Port” options are new, and could be more promising than what we were going on before! It sounds like you guys were very thorough, so I’ll add what you have onto the google spreadsheet, and maybe bold the overlaps so we know they’ve got a little vetting behind them?


You all have made so much progress! Good work! I’m hoping to get caught up today and tomorrow so I can start helping out

things have just been crazy on my end

Keep it up mounties! Ill be joining you soon :slight_smile:
Love and Luck


Anyone know of a pin map app thing I can download onto my phone?


@Brit - I believe there is a Google Earth app you can download for mobile. It might be more powerful than you are looking for but Google Earth is what I have been using for for any mapping problems that we have faced in the past.

@Tinker and anyone else, what are the clues that we honestly have no real clue? These are the ones I want to focus on for a good chunk today


Player’s Frigate, The Swallow, Zeus’s Meadow, Argonauta.


I’ve been assuming Zeus’ Meadow is the field of mars in St. Petersburg. But hey all my constallations look like drunken amoebae so I could be wrong.


I found that too a while back. There are a lot of details that lead/point to Field of Mars being a strong contender for Zeus’ Meadow. One being that it was once called The Great Meadow. And the connectionto Roman/Greek Mythos.


Sounds good. I had questioned it before, given that Ares/Mars and Zeus/Jupiter are fairly distinct. If it works, though, it works.


Here’s my list of the ones I feel fairly confident that I’m in the right neighborhood. I might not be dead on on all of them, but I feel pretty happy I’m close (at least the right section of the right city). IT’s only 7 of 22. The other 15 are either mapped to sections of cities (like the Paris ones) or could be almost anywhere.

Please do not take this list as gospel. It’s just my best guess so far. I could be way wrong.

Maximilian’s Execution : Cerro de las Campanas Mexico City
Legorreta Más Legorreta Arquitectos : Mexico City (REally don’t like this one, but it’s all I found)
Obergon: Parque de la Bombilla (Mexico City)

Zeus’ Meadow : Field of Mars : Saint Petersburg
Savior of the Spilled Blood : Saint Petersburg
Rumyantsev Mansion : Saint Petersbuerg

Bersimis-1 generating station - Quebec province


Yeah, as I have said before, I totally agree with you and understand why you are thinking it is a bit of a stretch. I am not locking it in as the sole answer but I do think it could very well be a strong contender for Zeus’ Meadow


I appreciate your work! Thanks!


(Preface: I’m pulling all of this from my understanding of the work on the google spreadsheet. Reminder that if you have ideas that you want recorded, please put them there so others can find them!)

The only one where we have absolutely no guess is Player’s Frigate. We have a few that have a guess for the city, but no landmark (The Swallow, Argonauta). We have one that technically has a guess but I don’t remember it being a super great fit when it was discussed (Royal Hoop). I would also throw into the mix the clues that have too many guesses (Harmony’s Discourse, Zeus’ Meadow).

I think those are the most pressing holes in our work, so maybe focus on some of these first?


One of my personal goals is to locate all of the projects Legoretta’s company has on its website listed prior to 1998. Most of them are in Mexico City, but there are a couple in L.A. that seem promising too (there’s also one in Sao Paulo, but that one’s somebody’s house and doesn’t have a solid address).