SOLVED: Phase 3 Assessment: Fletcher Dawson


This sounds like a good idea. About half the clues are either area specific or don’t seem to be real, so it should narrow it down.


I think the idea of working on each clues relevance to one city at a time is a promising one. It’ll either give us something, or have no hits all all which means it needs to go into the pile for the other three.


Well I copied down the suspected cities on the spreadsheet and tallied them down in accordance to the list and from what I can tell based on what’s on the spreadsheet we should narrow our search to these cities: Paris, St. Petersburg, and Athens. Paris would repeat twice according to the tallies I have. Paris has a potential 12, St. Petersburg has a potential 6 and Athens has a potential 5. The potential was determined by the ? left by Players Frigate. This is all estimated semi educated assumption/guestimation of course lol


So the 4th should logically be in either North or Central America.


@Rimor Magiq typically doesn’t follow recognizable logic - you may be correct, but we need to keep an open mind about all possibilities.

@Robert - what do you think about overlaying the actual constellations images like some of us have been doing to try to retroactively figure out some of the more ambiguous clues and at least be able to strike some from the entire list of 22?


Hey, guys

I love this. You guys have done a lot of amazing work so far. Give yourselves some credit.

This… to me this looks like a magimystic assessment. And they’re notoriously difficult. The hardest thing we’ve had to do.

Don’t be worried if you feel like we aren’t moving fast enough. We just have to be slow, methodical, and work logically based on what we know. And use a little creativity, because logic sometimes comes in weird forms around here. Sometimes the solution stares us in the face waiting to be recognized, but it always comes.

We will get through this part.


I’ve had 2 big problems personally when trying overlaying the constellations on the map.

First, I’m REALLY bad at visual media manipulation. Creating a transparent, rotatable constellation to move around the map while I’m resizing it sounded easy, but it’s a stupid hurdle I haven’t yet overcome. So basically I fail on step 1 here. :slight_smile:

Second, when I do manage to find a few instances I can guess at a constellation and try to find the missing stars the map being in Russian or French isn’t helping me correspond to English clues very easily. I’m doing a lot of googling of random apartment buildings to see if they have any connection to any of the clues.


@Augustus_Octavian I only say that it should be in one on those continents because Dawson himself says that the cities are around the world. But you’re right we should keep an open mind.


Wonder if Quebec was a red herring…


Durkonos has 6 stars
Galifanx has 5
Gladitor has 6
Aothora has 6

That’s 23 points. 22 clues.

Whoops. Think we forgot we were one over again. Or overlapping, but then it is by one point.


If we’ve got a nice clean map with all the new data points mapped on I can do some image overlays.


I’m at a point where I don’t think there are any red herrings in the list. That would make the puzzle light years harder than it’d have to be, and the Book of Briars (rest in peace) was never one for fake red herrings. Everything had a meaning, even if it wasn’t obvious.

Standard Disclaimer : The following is me thinking out loud and may be of no use to anyone.

I almost feel like these clues are ‘tiers’ in terms of their specificness (I think I just made up that word?)

Bersimis-1 is obviously a point at a specific place.
Maximilian’s Execution is an almost obvious reference to Emperor Maximilian’s exectution. Either the painting that’s currently in New York, or the act itself which happened in Mexico.
Sallefavart is pretty clearly French, probably Paris. Add in Haussmann’s Sanctuary and almost definitely Paris.

Those would be top tier clues.

At the bottom tier you have things like ‘The Swallow’. That could be the name of any dive bar in a 1000 cities.

I’m guessing the intent that Fletcher had is that the very specific clues would give us the places where we were supposed to look for the less specific ones.


Your first issue (getting the constellations onto the maps) was tricky until I found a site that would let me do what I needed (I initially tried MS Paint and it would give the constellations a white background). Luckily, the png files for the constellations on the fragments 9-12 thread have transparent backgrounds already. I’ve been using ipiccy to layer the constellations while I have desk shifts at work.

Unfortunately, my old personal computer isn’t quite able to keep up with the number of things it needs to process, and the keys I need for taking screenshots of the maps not working doesn’t help either.

I’ll try to get to the library and fiddle around with things over the weekend, but none of my shifts are at a desk the rest of this week. Kind of limited to finding more potential points when I can.

Speaking of which, perhaps Rome’s Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus for Zeus’ Meadow? (I’d add it to the spreadsheet, but the phone’s a jerk about letting me)


@Robert and @Ashburn - I actually just use Microsoft PowerPoint to overlay the constellation images saved from the forums on screenshots of maps I take with “print screen” and paste into Microsoft paint.


here are my main problems with overlaying the constellations
1 constellations move through the sky so them being assigned to the city would be more because of an event not just because you can see them from that city
2 constellations follow the compass so they have directions so spinning them around until they fit seems a bit like forcing it
3 were making a big leap by assuming that the cities (especially modern ones) are build to match a constellation remember all knowledge of magic has been erased and cities change so even if they were build to match those constellations it doesn’t mean they haven’t changed since then

by no means am i saying everyone is wrong or that their work is for nothing, its just possible that there’s another approach (i do sincerely hope I’m wrong though)


Well, in the most literal sense you aren’t wrong. I don’t think this assessment is based on scientific astronomical facts so much, though. Assessments in the past have been more about how you can put together concepts, abstract and literal, to form complete ideas or pictures.

What I’ve gleaned from the newsletter, and Dawson’s website, is that the “heavenly bodies” of the list we are working from are alternate names for locations of import or historical significance within certain cities. When properly attributed to the correct cities, these locations form the “points” that, when connected, form the shape of the four constellations of the cosmos key fragments. They were not necessarily built with that in mind, but they were chosen by Dawson for that reason. That’s how we will know. And that will be the answer to Dawson’s - whoever he is - magimystic assessment.

Am I making sense?


i guess so XD
i have only been here for few days so like i said i might be wrong
and i can see your point :slight_smile: i was just attempting to chip in somehow hahahah


No, no, it’s awesome that you’re here and doing work. And we are all new at some point, my friend.

There’s a (limited, admittedly) few things we know for sure, and some things we can guess with some measure of confidence about this process, based on the assessments of the past keys.


Dont get discouraged, its good to work at it a few different ways. But as Dey said we have had to do a few of these and they often have some common threads… its a matter of figuring out what those threads are. While I totally see your point scientifically, also keep in mind this is magiq and the world works very differently than we are used to. I hope you keeping coming up with awesome theories and ideas!


don’t worry I’m not discouraged like i said ive only been here few days so i am behind on a lot of experience most of you guys have and @Deyavi deyavi didn’t say anything wrong
my reply was just meant to clarify where i was coming from because i was worried i came off a bit to negative :slight_smile:
and ye i guess scientific approach might not work with magiq XD


I’ve been away for longer than expected, but this evening I can go back through the Google doc and try to identify the “top tier” clues if that would help the more visually inclined/image manipulation adept in the group!