SOLVED: Phase 3 Assessment: Fletcher Dawson


XD ok so it matches the theory now we just need to find armour

thanks rimor


Are there any clues that we still have no idea whatsoever on?


Stating the obvious now but I just really got started on this this morning.

Man it is SO easy to say “Oh yeah, just plot a few points you are sure of, overlay the constellations until one fits, then work backwards to find the others.” In practice, it’s really difficult to do, especially given how few confirmed specifics we have. I might as well have said “Oh you want to climb Everest? Simple, just keep going up.”

Those of you who have gotten as far as you have, I salute you.


Yeah that’s why we started with the global mapping when only a couple of us realised we had something, which got it rolling, then it got down to city mapping…deffo information overload now.

One of you guys whose been beavering the past week will crack something. I think most of the leg work is done its just fine tuning and elimating the un-needed locations (like if we have 10 in France and we need 6)


Another spot for Haussmann’s Sanctuary, and I think it might be the one.

I found it when I was trying to lay Durkonos on the map. I put the far corners on Place de la Concorde and Théatre National de l’Opéra Comique, and the center point was close enough to the pin for Place Vendôme that it could be where the convent was. The inner points are a bit iffy, but the point on the curve was on this church, which has Haussmann all over it!

I’m going to test the other constellations with this new point in mind.


Awesome find!


Ok, so we have the cities mostly nailed down, now we need to focus on the order they go in.


well, the order is the easy part as we’re asked abotu the citied based on the constellations

But yeah, we have Paris as Durkonos, and what else?


I updated my maps with Saint-Augustine as Haussmann’s Sanctuary and St. Michael/Engineer’s Castle in St. Petersburg as Sadovaya Malthusian.

We have a bunch of clues that might work for multiple cities, thanks to the astute research and knowledge base we have going from all of us Mounties! I say we should now go back and cut out any extraneous clues on a map of Paris that don’t fit into Durkonos, and see where else they fit better!


I found the one for Haussmann’s Sanctuary while trying Durkonos, but I think Paris may be Galifanx.


I also had it pinned as Gladitor at one point, so yeah…


I tried Gladitor several ways with the new Haussmann, but there were always two or three points that either didn’t have anything or seemed like they could be something, but it wasn’t very clear what.


Please ignore me, saw something and got excited, but I was wrong.


Happens to all of us.


What’s the star next to “flower market”? Can we fit that location into any clues retrospectively?


My thought was maybe Zeus’ Meadow, since it’s flowers outside of a church that’s basically modeled after the Greek/Roman temples.

I suppose Vieux Haven could work also, since the land belonged to the Bishop of Paris back in 1182 when he seized control of the synagogue that was once there. The religious “haven” history for the spot goes way back.


I was thinking it could be Harmony’s Discourse maybe…it’s called l’église de la madeleine and the brief description says it’s a church and concert hall…but Vieux Haven also sounds plausible. I think we might have better fits for Zeus’ Meadow, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

Also, note to people that have been tossing around ideas on here, please put your thoughts on the google spreadsheet if you don’t mind? I couldn’t keep up over the weekend, so yea…


oooh sorry for the absence guys, i’ve been busy with more exams :frowning: So we’re pin-pointed Paris as Durkonos? SICKKK


I think @Ashburn matched it to Galifanx. Hopefully this will help narrow down clues for other cities!


Unfortunately I don’t believe we have enough info on the spreadsheet to say for sure which one Paris is. Yesterday I combed through all the threads and pulled together every good idea people had into a map and I could see it going any of 3 ways, myself, and none of them are good fits. The shapes I’m coming up with are only a constellation if you kinda squint with your head tilted at the right angle and are drinking heavily.

The challenge I’m having is narrowing down the locations within a city. A lot of these we have roads or large parks we’re mapping to which could totally throw off the constellation.

Maybe I need to focus on this city by city. We’re all pretty positive Paris is one of the answers. Maybe try to map all 22 clues to Paris and see which ones are very strong possibility hits and maps all of them and see what that comes up with.