SOLVED: Phase 3 Assessment: Fletcher Dawson


To tear down the four constellations and use them to gain access to Fletcher Dawson’s site.

The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!
FOUND: Fragment Twelve: Into Hell - Aorthora

Is this a catch all thread for the constellations, maps and how they relate to Fletcher Dawson?


So I’m looking for Fletcher Dawson high and low, and…
I think we’ve got a live one here.


WOAH YEAH, THAT’S IT!! How did you find it?!


Tried in the address bar, there it was. Hadn’t tried that before, because I’m a dumb.
Also I don’t know what cities match which constellations, I haven’t been keeping up very well with what’s been going on, maybe someone else will be able to do better.


I can’t wait till your genius is recognised by everyone dude!! I’m trying to find the Fletcher Dawson’s newsletter 1998


Also, well at the moment there are several which match each one. I reckon finding his newsletter will help us? i don’t think it;s the same as the blog post right?


Oh, okay, duh, there’s a map, innit?


yeeeeeeeees!! The map is a ting


I actually think we already have the contents of the newsletter. The 20 celestial clues.


OOOH okay, it’s the same thing!! Okay right, GOTCHA! Thank you @Endri


the first city is quebec guys


the seconds mumbai


So, guessing kicks you back to the splash page with the Joradian non-material protection sigil.


yep i got the first three answers right though


@PhantomPhoenixFrost What’s the third? And how are you doing it so fast? :open_mouth:


I advanced three times with answers I thought were correct, but then tried totally different answers and still advanced three times before getting thrown back to the splash page.


that could be true/ how it works


If it were simply a matter of advancing only if the answer were correct, we could easily get access by process of elimination. I don’t think it’s going to be that easy.


Same…I didn’t get thrown back to the splash page until I had answered each one. I don’t think moving on to the next question means you go it right.