SOLVED: Lachmann: The Fourth Fragment: Third Beacon


Also, I want to point out as resident documenting Thornmouth that the two major outstanding pieces are the polaroids and the “Mask of Ojorad.”

It stands to reason that one of these is the third beacon and one is the fourth. As soon as we have a clue which is which we should try to divide and conquer before time runs out. Less than 48 hours left.


Anything helps at this point. Plus, those polaroids are part of the first puzzles given to us, that we still have not solved. I don’t think its as easy as sending them the put together picture, there has to be more, there is always more.


I definitely think they are - the encounter talks about a riddle projected on a wall… sort of like:


Nice catch, I didn’t think of that, but those words definitely are “projected” on what looks like a stone wall


Well, saying that it is probably the correct riddle, what do we do with it?


Here’s the full text again:

Walking twixt rise and fall from the spot on the lawn
I passed flaming hearts and strung stories.
A six legged king, pointed arms crossed defiantly, snapped at me.
I decided to pause. The wyvern laughed at my seeming error of judgment
But I had realized my destination was not the roundabout after all.



I think I found your great lawn it’s a place In New York

It’s In between a pair of museums and something marked as belvedere castle and something marked as a theater. Our beacon is probably in Central Park that or that’s where we need to put the pieces.

Edit : given othello I think our magically rising platform is delacorte theater.


My thought is that they could be statues around Central Park, and we need to find the location of the “Red Rook”. And each piece could reference a different statue. As always, I give my normal warning, this could be a rabbit hole, but could be something worth looking into


@brendon I think your correct I believe our queen is likely the statue of Alice in Central Park.

EDIT: I kinda doubt Alice is our queen as she’s not holding a doll.
I suspect the pawn is a war memorial to a half white and half black unit. Possibly the memorial to the 107th infintary division but I can’t be sure.
I also suspect belvedere castles is both the where our hero starts from in the first text and our garnet rook.


I agree with the Great Lawn in Central Park. Sounds like a good starting point.
I think the part in the Garden riddle (Polaroids) about ‘flaming hearts’ refers to the Romeo and Juliet statue at the entrance to the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park. It’s not far from Great Lawn.
The next part is ‘strung stories’, leading me to Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre, also close to Delacorte Theatre and Belvedre Castle with it’s wryven.

Still looking for a ‘six legged king’, it has to be near these locations. So close I feel it!


I think I may have found our “six legged king”

If you are lazy, like me, the page says this:
“The Obelisk is known as the oldest man-made construction in Central Park. Its shaft is 71 feet high and weighs about 200 tons. Each corner of the Obelisk’s base is supported by huge, 900 pound bronze replicas of sea crabs originally created by the Romans while it was in Alexandria. Each year visitors come to marvel at this piece of history, officially designated a scenic landmark in 1974 by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission.”
The riddle all seems to point to areas or features in/around central park. I think the easy part is identifying each thing, the hard part, is figuring out what do with it afterwards.
@YankeeWhite well here you go! :smiley:


The “roundabout” is likely Columbus Circle which is right around central park. I think somebody may have already found this out, but thats what I could conclude.

So, for a recap:
We have the Great Lawn
The Delacorte Theater is our rising and falling platform
The Romeo and Juliet attraction is our flaming hearts
The Marionette Theatre is our strung stories
The six legged king is the sea crabs at the base of the obelisk
The Belvedere Castle Wyvern is, well, our wyvern.
Lastly, Columbus Circle is the roundabout.

Now what do we do with it? Any and all crazy ideas are good.

Brandon Lachmann: The Fourth Fragment: General

@YankeeWhite and @TheBellsAreRinging Bells - amazing! My personal take on ‘roundabout’ as The Ramble because it’s right by where all this stuff is - because to ramble can mean to go in circles? I don’t think it matters though, because the riddle says the individual stops at the wyvern when s/he realises their error of judgement (which is another way of saying folly - which the Belvedere Castle is!) I think we should email the Devoted with the third beacon as Belvedere Castle.


Yes! Would you like to, since you figured that part out? :smiley:


Happy to - but I think the glory has to go to you and @YankeeWhite on this one for sure!


I’ll post it in the general thread for others to know :slight_smile:


I like that crabs at the obelisk for the ‘six legged king’, but I came up with another possibility. Looking at all the sculpture in Central Park I saw lots of men on horseback. Ding! Six legs. I searched for Kings in Central Park and came to King Jagiello with raised swords crossed.
So we have 1)six legs (man+horse) 2)He’s a king and 3)Swords (pointed arms) crossed. Also a tad bit closer the closer to Belvedre Castle than the obelisk.


Haha well, I guess that does work better ^^; Good job! I’ll list both options cause I’m a sore loser :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright, @Endri lets label this one as solved