SOLVED: Lachmann: The Fourth Fragment: Fourth Beacon


Even though I’ve been following along I’m having trouble keeping up with you all (you’re all so darned GOOD at this!). According to that quote, are we looking for wrought iron or stained glass? just want to make sure so I’m not heading down a dead end.


The only thing I think we all agree on is that the design inside the eye of the Mask of Ojorad is important. Given the story for this encounter mentions a wrought iron ceiling a few times we assume it means this design is done in wrought iron somewhere.

My quote I found about multi colored (Why does Brandon use the British spelling?..hmmmm) building is to desperately try to find something that makes sense. :slight_smile:


@Mike, stained glass is possible. Iron of some kind is definite.


I cut out the elements of the mask that we’re looking for to help give us a better idea of how to match them. The symbol inside the eye looks to have a cross shape that could be found in a church window perhaps. Anyway, hope this helps.


What about the Resevoir Bridge? The design on the railing looks similar but it’s not a perfect match.


It’s the closest match I’ve seen so far.


What part of the park is that in. My guess is we should be looking for places located in the area of the map:


My goodness, seems I missed a lot! Hopefully in the last few hours we have left, we can figure it out.


Not sure. I’m just desperately googling trying to find anything that looks similar to the image inside the eye in that general area.


This could be a contender:

It’s right by Hernshead - the Ladies Pavilion


Better picture


@ImWithWillow I believe you’ve found it my friend


That’s absolutely it, @ImWithWillow! Here’s a higher rez image-

Great job!


Nice first find @ImWithWillow! You’re officially initiated!


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