SOLVED: Lachmann: The Fourth Fragment: Fourth Beacon


Pretty certain I’ve Almost solved this one.

We’re looking for an auto junkyard one with a car compactor. Which one I’m not sure yet and the mask of ojorad gets us into a secret room where talking with the lady in the room activates the beacon which triggers the event flag for the boss fight which grants us an item that lets us rescue the lady.

Question is which auto junkyard?

EDIT: we may be looking for trash art possibly as well but but no doubt in the initial location we’re seeing things made from old car doors. I don’t see any terribly close to Central Park much less any with a hidden elevator shaft of any type.


Random thought. If ojorad is connected to this then maybe the poem from the third fragment is way more related to this than we think. We never did figure out what the poem meant.

Perhaps it’s a clue to the 4th beacon. Just fir starters I notice there is a statue of a dancing goat outside the central park zoo. King Capra maybe?


To go off your random thought, if I remember my research correctly, a “minnying” is actually like a party. It is more of a celebration of life than a funeral, so one could stand to reason King Capra would likely have been dancing during the minnying


Don’t feel bad! It’s so cool that both stories got merged together. :blush::blush::blush:


In the text two times the special roof from ornated iron wires is mentioned - could that hep finde the place?


There’s also the line about the eyes in the Devoted email… the mask has something in the eye that looks like ornamentation.


It’'s the oculus at the subway station where Brandon’s body was found.


I was thinking that too. I’ve been trying to find a use for that oculus for weeks. It’s not an exact match to the design though, but no idea if it needs to be. But I’m getting tired of searching through images of wrought iron so let’s go with that. :slight_smile:


Six hours left. OMG.
I’m trying to summarize everything we’ve talked about and everything’s that’s happened. We think the beacon has something to do with Herron’s Mask (The Mask of Ojorad.) Okay. That’s the start.
It’s most likely on the map that The Devoted provided us, as the other three have been as well.
It stands to reason that whatever the beacon is, it has the same ornamentation that the mask does (the piece in the eye as well as the “spikes” along the edge.)
The ornamentation is similar to the oculus in the subway station, but not the same. Is there something that looks more like the mask eye than that?
It should be some sort of monument or recognizable building, as the other three have been. Right? Though it could very well be the train station. I tried to follow the latest documents we got but you can’t really follow it like the others…
I’m so lost.


Hi all. New here (Go Weatherwatch!) I’ve spent the last two hours catching up - woah! It’s a lot. So forgive me if I’ve missed something and someone has already done this. Have we tried Googling combinations of the words and key phrases linked to the Central Park map? I’m guessing you’ve already tried it. I tired a few, but I’m not really sure what I should be looking for.


Welcome @ImWithWillow! I you managed to get even close to caught up in two hours you’re more on the ball than I. It’s always tough coming in at the end of a fragment but take heart, you’ll be on the ground floor of the next 12!

You’re basically exactly where we are, looking for combinations of phrases and guesses to find some image that makes all the pieces fit nicely together. All I can suggest is to look at anything you think could be important, and keep at it. Eventually the pieces always snap into place, usually with the help of bouncing any idea you have off your teammates here. Most of the time answers come when one of us jogs the thinking of another in a new direction.


Hey Willow. Welcome. Don’t worry about not knowing what to look for. We’re all grasping for any lead we can get at this stage. Google away! :blush:


I did a search for Heron central park and other than a story about Black Crowned Heron the only other thing was this:

So no herons that I can see :frowning:


Going back through the encounter descriptions I see this in the first one.

"Beyell climbs steps made from blocks of compacted junk into the converted elevator shaft’ The outside is covered with multi coloured metallic panels of different shapes and sizes, and it looks like a high for running the full length of the junkyard wall’.

That ‘covered with multi coloured metallic panels of different shapes’, line kinda stands out. Are we looking for wrought iron ornamentation inside a building with lots of colorful panels on the outside perhaps? Granted, I can’t find one, but maybe it’s an idea.


Okay. This is a list of every attraction in Central Park, can we all look at this together and scour it? We can at least eliminate the park if we don’t find anything.

We only have three hours.

Edit: Actually when you click through, it only shows a few. Go to the tab that says Featured and click All Attractions so we can check everything.


Great plan! The ornamentation on the ceiling here looks like it could be related to the image in the mask. Not made of iron though:


The Dairy Center has ornaments on some of the roof peaks, but they don’t really look like the mask.

Up close look:

I can’t find a good image of the spire at the top.


Ugh, the site rearranges the attractions each time you visit the page. Try to leave the window open so that we can all “process of elimination” it? @Tom, it might just be you and me here right now. :cold_sweat:


So many of the bridges have ornamentation on them! It could be any one of them.


I’m trying to help but I’ve run through every wrought iron picture I can find with no luck. I’m just out of ideas, sorry. I’m trying to circle back to whatever other info we given looking for more clues at this stage.