SOLVED: Lachmann: The Fourth Fragment: Fourth Beacon


Better picture


@ImWithWillow I believe you’ve found it my friend


That’s absolutely it, @ImWithWillow! Here’s a higher rez image-

Great job!


Nice first find @ImWithWillow! You’re officially initiated!


This needs to be sent in pronto, tick tock… @ImWithWillow would you care to do the honors?


@ImWithWillow should email the devoted.


Okay. Will do. :smile_cat:


What’s the email address? I may have overstated it when I said I was caught up :smile:



Well done @ImWithWillow! Their email is


Thanks guys - sending it now.


Great work @ImWithWillow!


@ImWithWillow your google-fu is strong! :relaxed:


Amazing @ImWithWillow - let’s see what we get in just over 15 minutes!


I just got this email -

The fourth and final beacon has been activated.
The new countdown has begun.
Follow the beacon’s lights to locate the traveler’s disc.
The disc led us to new materials.
We are ahead.
We will share the materials only if you find the disc.
The Timeline must be kept at all costs.

The Devoted - 102986


Can someone send me the fourth fragment. I swear, I’ve been on Basecamp 33 for so long, and I still can’t keep up. Even @ImWithWillow has learned more than me.


@H3RM3S, you’ve got quite a bit of reading to do. :slight_smile: We’re still in the middle of the fourth fragment, you should read the Second Trial topic to get caught up.


Hang in there @H3RM3S - plenty of time to get caught up :slight_smile:


Hahaha @H3RM3S - I just don’t have much of a life LOL I spent a few days reading everything before I joined the forums. It was intense :wink: