SOLVED: Lachmann: The Fourth Fragment: Fourth Beacon


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Brandon Lachmann: The Fourth Fragment: General

I think there is a new audio file too, or maybe my computer just messed up



There is!


@Endri sorry I put these here - can we move to fourth fragment?


You got it @Tom, will do now.


I feel as though this should go in here too


My confusion is this:
The Devoted said in the email they sent, “You are now on the timeline. The clock will reset.” but… for me at least, I still see the same timer. There has been no “reset” of it. It’s the same as it was. Maybe they just haven’t gotten to it yet but still, it’s concerning.


I am just working on transcribing the audio file right now. I will post once I get it done.


I think the clock will still reset tomorrow, but now we’ve caught up with them. That’s how I read it anyway.


October 22, 1986

I was in the park today working on the game and that was the spot where it all started… a year ago, out on the Great Lawn. I left school early, was reading, writing… three older kids came up to me wearing masks, it was almost Hallowe’en. One of them kicked my notebook out of my hands and another one took my copy of Forest, the only one I could ever find. I stood up to them. I tried to get it and they beat me up, bad. I can remember lying in the grass watching all my notebook pages fly all over the park, stuck to statues, under benches, in the woods. One of those kids kicked me in the head over and over. Mom and Dad found me late that night, still no book, looking for my pages. I didn’t even know I was bleeding. After that, everything changed. I could see things, hear things, feel things. I heard Mom and Dad whispering, a couple months ago, in the kitchen that maybe something happened to my brain when they beat me up because that’s when everything started. I don’t know if it was the bullies but something definitely changed that day.

My only discrepancy is that it could be “other kids” and not “older kids” but that doesn’t really take away from the overall feel of the voice clip. There is also almost a ticking sound in the background, almost sounds like a clock ticking at times, but I think it is too spaced out for that.


Hmmm. Not sure where to look for clues here. We have a silent room. The picture of the mask. A troll with three heads. The beacon is in Herron’s Mask. Although I’m not sure who or what Herron is.


Given that our only other document is the image of the mask is there anything about this we should be focusing on?


@YankeeWhite Did The Devoted ever respond to your e-mail asking about “The Mask of Ojorad”? I believe it was you who emailed them about it.


No email today. Odd. Will dig into things later. :relaxed:


@Tom Well we also have the changes they made to the original wind story. There’s a potbelly man figurine and the woman Dora. They might be important.


I’m not so sure dora is important. She might just be a filler character, to be put in place of “Melantha’s lover” like I had written. The wind idol seems very much important though. I’m looking for various wind deities right now, see if any fits the description.


Really sorry but Dora and the potbelly wind idol are part of a story I sent in. I thought I posted about it but looking back I did not, very very sorry. :disappointed_relieved:I got focused on the runes translation and then the Garden Riddle, not to mention real life gets pretty busy.
I just don’t want anyone going on a goose chase. I feel the mask is more important.
I feel so bad :sweat: I’ll do better.


Wow that’s actually pretty interesting. They took both of ours and put them together! How lovely! You definitely should have told somebody! Here I was thinking they just changed mine to fit the plot they needed! Tsk tsk tsk @YankeeWhite! But its okay, we forgive you :slight_smile: At least now we can just focus on other stuff!


I will say though, that with the new audio file, its quite clear what happened to him in real life was worked into the game. A troll with three heads, three teenagers (I assume they were teenagers) attacking him. They were wearing masks too, and clearly there is some kind of mask involved in this puzzle. Also, I had thought that the Ghost Yardian Beyell was to defeat, was Herron.