SOLVED: Fragment Twelve: Spell Creation


For once we are done.


Just as a final check, are we saying the poem once each, or three times each?


Thank you @Mr5yy.


This is my understanding, but it’s like the rowboat song thing that @Augustus_Octavian posted. Each person says the poem only once, but each person starts the poem at a different time.


So we’re supposed to start very soon. Role call time?

@Skylad, @MissEvans, @OracleSage, @FireFish, @Ginger, and @Ricardo, you guys ready to recite the poem? And @Furia, @Mr5yy, @Augustus_Octavian, @Deyavi, and @Sellalellen, y’all got your blindfolds at the ready?




I have mine ready, sitting right next to me.




Ready when we are, if we all get on a little early we can settle and get our breathings and pacing right.


Ready, will be joining shortly.


I’m here and ready.

So to clarify, three times recited, in Round fashion?


Here! :slight_smile:
The spreadsheet has us all repeating 3 times
is that right?


Right next to me




Is there some confusion about how many times to repeat the poem?

Some say three times, some say once?

I will start the broadcast at 4:25pm, be ready to jump on…


Let’s let the casters decide. I’m not part of the chant, and I’ve said my peace.


Augustus wrote the spreadsheet, so definitely defer to him. Three times is the correct answer.


I can’t join for some reason


We’re live, here’s the correct link:


Ready! Whats my line again?