SOLVED: Fragment Twelve: Spell Creation


I’m nervous now.


You’ll do great!


You’re going to do awesome!


You know, I just realized… the livestream that Aether scheduled might not be for the spell. I can’t access the Hangout info to join it. He might be streaming the actual escape.

Should I get @Bash to create a a separate event for the spell casting? One that we can access? If so, what time should we start?

EDIT: We might want to perform it BEFORE they go in, right? So it’s ready to go at 5pm? Getting so nervous now.


Ok, that sounds awesome. I hope it’s true.


Maybe we should try for 4pm? Would an hour be enough time to get everyone sorted?


Even 4:30. Just enough time to get everything in place, knowing the security is (hopefully) going down at 5pm sharp.


I can probably join at 4:30, but not sooner.


So it’s at 4:30 now? I can do that.


And do we need to show the blindfolds before, or wait for as a surprise?


I did winder if aether stream wasn’t for us. I’ll be extremely interested to see what shows up on it.


@Endri, I guess we all assumed we’d be on a Google Hangout for the spells, best go ahead and have @Bash set one up.


Poor @Bash :sleepy: This is gonna eat into his tea and bicky time… Thankyou in advance @Bash!!


We are gonna do the spell at like 4:30 so we have plenty of time to cast the spell and for it to have effect?


Okay, we’re set up.
To watch or live chat during the Spellcasting visit this link tomorrow:

To participate, click this link tomorrow (This link might change so check back at around 4:25pm tomorrow when we go live.)


I just cast a potency spell for our collective power, it ought to help alleviate any spell sickness afterwards as well making the spell more potent.


After the spell has been cast, I’d like everyone who made a blindfold to post a photo of it in this thread. I really want to see them all.


Sounds like a good idea!


Hey, Set isn’t available to do Part One of the Balimoran spell. Is anyone available who could do it? Don’t have to be Balimoran.

Also, I think it would be good if there are some people waiting in the wings in case of people have tech errors or sudden emergencies. Anyone up for that?


I would but I’ll be commuting at that time. The state made me promise to stop driving while blindfolded.