SOLVED: Fragment Twelve: Spell Creation


I agree with both;)
I look forward to this!


Juuuust wanted to clarify.

So, again, secondary spell is JUST blindfolds?


Yes, but it’s just one big spell, cast by 12 people. 6 supply the lines and direction while 6 others supply the ritual and creation aspect. It’s designed to hide Marty and the team in two ways. One blinding cameras and people to them and one hiding them in a protective field. It’s to make sure that if one part of the spell falls the second part can pick up the slack.


Okay. Just want to be 100% sure.


I have a couple of rituals/spells that I’ll be enacting in the hours prior that should help those who will be enacting the Cloak/Distract spell.


Awesome! The more help/energy we can get, the better! Thank you.


So I’m performing the 1st part of the spell, or the first spell however you wanna call it, I need to know, do I need to have something prepared beforehand?


Aside from knowing your line and being available on Google Hangouts at 5EST on Wednesday, that should be it.


I think we’ll have a bit of a chat about it tomorrow


I hope so.


I don not know about the rest of you but i am excited to see how this goes.
The suspense is tantalizing.


Sorry I’ve been absent recently - lots going on at home! So if I read correctly, we have 2 people from Balimora for the spell :slight_smile: What do you need the rest of us to be doing?




Just watch, your presence helps ground the spell and increase it’s power.


Reposting again.


Sorry for my absence these last few days, I have been a bit ill. But I have returned with thoughts on the spells.
We still need some kind of symbol for MWA to draw on themselves and those they rescue to help conceal them, yes? And that same symbol needs to be looked upon while the first six casters chant their round, so that they’ll be focusing that power into that symbol which is on our party and thus providing them concealment.

I’d also suggest that perhaps another symbol should be put on the blindfolds and also given to Whistler to broadcast on the screens at KS. That way the “blindness” will be transferred to whoever looks at that symbol.


Also, @Waystrider, thank you for tweaking that! I was having much difficulty with those final lines.


@Mr.Fern, @Skylad made a really nice sigil to use for Fern and Way’s Concealment.


@Mr.Fern this one:


@VictorianFlorist - when you say “in round form” does it mean that each of the 6 casters read all 6 first lines, overlapping one another by one line? Or that each person says their one line for the guild by themselves, then start again at the beginning?

Either way, how many iterations of the first 6 lines should be spoken before the last two lines are said simultaneously?

(Note: Phish’s “Bouncin’ round the room” is a lovely example of a continuous round).