SOLVED: Fragment Twelve: Spell Creation


Words that come to mind when I think of the element Aether are:. Weightless, ephemeral, binding (all of creation together), shimmering, sheer. Given Gossmere’s propensity towards healing, I was thinking about making my blindfold’s basic material gauze. Possibly involving some glitter. Any thoughts?


Probably Sand dollars. I have a lot that I just collected yesterday.


Cotton balls?


Sand Dollars!? I L O V E it!


I was also thinking some sort of glittery material, or some somewhat shiny fabric? Or I also was thinking sheet music?


Sounds good!

I like that colour scheme, it’s what I pictured as well. I also like your idea @Mordiscas! But whatever she has available. Sand dollars would be cool!

I was thinking perhaps there can be a moon on it? It would go along with the focus Skylad made, as well as it’s the cause of the Tides so relevance?


Oh. I didn’t mention it publicly yet but I collected a dozen of them yesterday, I’m cleaning and preparing them to send to people who are interested. They work well as psychic energy and healing totems. The sand dollar structure is 5 pointed star-based, sacred geometry.


I like the idea, I can paint it on after I braid the ribbon together and such!


Sand dollar magiq? Dude, that sounds super cool!


Particularly because sand dollars live and die by the tide. They’re built to survive it, and they need it. I can’t think of anything that represents the Tide element more.


So for Balimora I have a couple ideas for the blindfold, but could I have a couple ideas just in case?


Maybe some weeds? They grow from the earth, and they survive by the earth and the wilds, so maybe that would work


That’s actually a surprisingly good idea.


Oh yeah, that sounds like a good idea!


Well all my ideas, gone. That’s it now.


Also, if the spell is being cast Tuesday the 30th (tomorrow), that’s the day before the rescue takes place on the 31st. Is that our intent?

And is there a verbal element to the secondary spell, or is it entirely visual/kinetic with the blindfolds?


I think it’s kinetic. I haven’t heard of anything other than the blindfolds for the second part.


Wait the spell is being cast tomorrow???


I saw @VictorianFlorist mention something about Tuesday, but I thought this was all going down Wednesday at 5.


It’s wednesday. I’m crazy.