SOLVED: Fragment Twelve: Spell Creation


Thank you @Endri, I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while… My madness has gotten the better of me :grin:


Amazing work, @Skylad! It really is beautiful :slight_smile:


Reposting Recap so the link is accessible again.

We still need people for part one from Balimora and Flinterforge and part two for Ebenguard.


If I were to listen to the spell being casted, but not participate would that be permitted? Weatherwatch has its spots filled (Which is great!), but I may want to participate in the future: so I’d love to see how the process works…


Spells always need witnesses.


If we’re missing people from other guilds, would you be able to participate? We could definitely use some folks in waiting in the wings in case someone can’t make it.


If no one else from flinterforge can do it, I will, but it’ll be a little rough bc I have stuff going then


Unfortunately no, 5pm EST time is when I will be in a car with the rest of my family. So I can’t be speaking aloud.

but I am more than happy to be a witness.


Plans tidied, Flinterforge member raising hand - reading or blindfolded?


We need a reader @MissEvans you happy to do that?


I can do that!


This is all so amazing!!

@Skylad - that picture you drew is so beyond cool. The geometric shapes, the symbols and the symbology of it all will really help give the spells the needed power to pull of this feat.

@VictorianFlorist - Thanks for stepping up to coordinate a large chunk of this! I don’t think it comes together as flawlessly as it has without your hard work.

To the many, many spell casters and spell creation contributors: You are all making this Mountie very proud to be in this rag tag group with you all. As I said before, unfortunately I am busy with travel and meetings while a lot of this is going on. But I will be there in spirit, and I know Marty, Portencia, Whistler, and everyone else is in the best hands possible.


I mean, I could be a temp for part two of Ebenguard until we find another person. Unless y’all are okay with me doing both parts?


I think it’d be fine if you did both parts, but it wouldn’t be ideal


I’ll do Part 2. I just wanted to see who else was interested so someone else could have their chance.


@Skylad - that is incredible, amazing work!


Ok, looks like we are ready as we’ll ever be.


Well if you would prefer the speaking part we could always switch. I’m up for whichever!

Any ideas for the Tides themed blindfold?


I was going to do something with white, black, light blue, and dark blue colors. Origami and ribbon. I’m down to do either part. We can collaborate on the blindfold.


Maybe seashells?