SOLVED: Fragment Twelve: Spell Creation


I can do the Thornmouth blindfold if you still need someone.


What a set of symbolism, great work chaps.

Can I have exact cofirmation of when we believe we will need to start casting, converted into BST please?

I’d love to partake but this week has got tiresome written through it and I don’t want to let anyone down.


I’m pretty sure it starts at 5pm EST, so it would be 10pm BST.


I can do the blindfold for Flinterforge. Might want to get someone more eloquent for the speaking stuff though. :sweat_smile:


Here’s the link again for people to sign-up.


I signed up for part 2 - the blindfold creation, representing Gossmere.


Firstly apologies for the length of this post and secondly, do we still need a focal point for our spell? And if so would you all be happy with this?? And Third, my god you have no idea how good this feels to have this bloody thing out of my head!!! It’s been rattling around up there for the past 4 days and I needed to get it out!

Forgive the messiness of it, I had deplorable handwriting at the best of times let alone at 2200 at night! And I had to duck into Kmart to find a Kent set and they only had sh :weatherwatch: ty plastic ones. If you all like it I will go out and get real tools to do it properly. If not I’ll scrap it

I will endeavour to explain my madness, please refer to the Chronocompass where applicable
Weatherwatch (west) Alchemy symbol for sun, our element is Light and what greater source of light than the sun and it’s opposite
Ebenguard (east) Alchemy symbol for moon, their element is Tide… the connection is kinda obvious.
Gossmere (North-west) Symbol for infinity, their element is Aether… basically what the empty space between stars is filled of which (theoretically) allows light to travel through the vacuum of space which leads to its opposite of
Thornmouth (South-east) The hourglass, their element is thought… this one was the hardest for me. Originally I was going to go with XIX which is the tarot card for the sun which symbolises the success of the conscious mind in overcoming any obstacles or fears of the unconscious, usually through attainment of knowledge but when I drew it out it looked like two hourglasses next to each other and what better way to balance out infinity with something that is so finite as sands in an hourglass
Flintforge (North-east) Alchemy symbol for Magnesium, their element is ore… Was originally going to go with Tin (you know tin hats, conspiracy theorists, ect) but Magnesium is used in flint to create a spark and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tie the name of a guild in with my madness which brings us to lucky last
Balimore (South-west) Rune for Eihwas (yew tree) their element is Wild… I went with this because a Yew tree is in so many different cultures folklaw (the Celtics and the Norse to point out two) that it would seem a shame not to have such a majestic tree as the symbol for Balimore.

Now the M A W P I’m personally not happy with but I don’t have a better way to represent Marty, Aether, Whistler and Portencia if someone could help out with those ones it oud be greatly appreciated.

Now cause it’s super close to 2300 now and I’ve been flying all week I’m keen to go to bed so I’ll read all the love, constructive criticism and hate tomorrow…
Love you Mounties


@Skylad this is perfect. As each person reads their part, they can have this in front of them, with their part facing them.


This is awesome. I only don’t understand the hour glass for thought.


What about Climber?


I completely spaced on climber :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:
And @Mr5yy it’s not so much just an hourglass as it is time. One of thornmouths abilities is timeshifting also time is an interesting and thought provoking concept… I think the Thornmouths would get it (hopefully… do you guys??)


Well, you have a little more than a day to work on it.


Is it just climber, aether, portencia, whistler and Marty that this spell has to conceal??


I think so, but I’m never for sure. Wait a couple hours for the people who know and ask again.


Very creative. Well done!


Ok, thanks for telling me!


We still need people for part one from Balimora and Flinterforge and part two for Ebenguard.



I have just the geometric shape if someone could write neater than me :grin:


This is beautiful!