SOLVED: Fragment Twelve: Spell Creation


Now I kind of want to do the blind fold for Balimora lol so many ideas!!


You are making a blindfold. That blindfold should look like it represents balimora.


Which guild are you, btw? It’s not listed in your profile and you don’t have it set in your title.


Balimora through and mostly through lol


I’m Balimora. Sorry for the confusion, I have a habit of overthinking things and wanted to make sure that it was indeed a blind fold.


Go there and join the group, that way people know just by a glance. It’ll put your guild right next to your name. Like on my posts.


I’m already part of it. I don’t have the title for some for some reason though.


Thanks! I had it by my name for a brief bit but then removed it. Am I proud to be of Balimora? Of course! That is and should never be in question… I simply dislike associating strictly as one thing or another lol


Sorry! I didn’t know.


Would you prefer to do the blindfold for Balimora? Should we wait for others who are Balimora a smidge more time to voice if what part they’d like to volunteer for?


Na, it’s okay. I just guessed that once you used another title it went away. But thanks for trying to help anyway.


Haha no worries!! If I sounded offended it’s because you can’t hear the smile in my voice through messaging :slight_smile:


I’ll do the blindfold if it’s okay with everyone. I’m just volunteering since I know some people are busy at the time it’s happening. If others would like to vote, I’m not getting in the way. But I do want to do it really badly.


Then I think you should do it! Sign your name on the word doc thingy so others know though! :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks!


Now recap - We have two spells, that each need 6 casters.

Part One: Fern and Ways’ Concealment

The Ore of the earth is black like coal
The Tides conceal what lies beneath
The Wilds surround and swallow you whole
The Light untouching around you wreathes
The Aether now your sound has stole
And The Thoughts of you all minds must sheath
Now carry out the task you were bidden
By the Six you are now hidden.

The phrases will be said in round fashion and the spell ends with the 6 casters saying the final two lines in sync.

Each element specific line will be said by the caster of the guild it is associated with.

Ore - Flinterforge
Tides - Ebenguard
Wilds - Balimora
Light - Weatherwatcher
Aether - Gossmere
Thought - Thornmouth

Part Two: The Mountain’s Shroud

This spell entails 6 more casters, one from each guild, who have created a blindfold representative of their element/guild. They will don the blindfolds a few minutes after the completion of the first spell.

The timing on these spells needs to be impeccable. If Marty or Whistler are seen once the entire mission could go south.

That’ll require some communication from you, @Marty.60.

So sign ups are at this link. We need to be organized, efficient, and timely with this spell. So get your head in gear, because, fellow Mountaineers, we have work to do.


I’m clapping just for you typing this up. And thank you for this, some of us, mainly me, needed it.




I could potentially participate for Thornmouth if we’re in an absolute pinch. I work nights so I’m not usually awake at that time, but I could get up a little early on Tuesday if we don’t have any other Thornmouths available.


You all know I’m available to pull however I’m needed. Just let me know.