SOLVED: Fragment Twelve: Spell Creation


This is where we can discuss creating a spell for Kendrick Solutions


You know I never thought Charm and Decption fit as Balimora until this very second.

What about a constantly shifting, chaotic image magiqally modified to each viewer to shift to the next, least likely thing they would expect to see. The idea being it’d keep someone’s mind so preoccupied and off balance that it’d be unable to entertain any other thoughts for some amount of time.


Possible components of said spell.

  1. Ritual aspect: Telling stories of the most unexpected, coincidental thing that has ever happened in your life.
  2. Object creation: Create six pages of something, works of art, stories, drawings, etc. Randomly select one of them and seal it away as part of the spell. Dispose of the other 5 so that you have no idea which of the 6 you are using. Open the seal at the completion of the spell.


Sweet! Okay, going to repost here for consolidation purposes.

On the idea of a narration spell for distracting:

Would it perhaps be easier to organize and also more powerful if we played the round robin story game in each separate guild? So, for example in the Balimoran Guild Forum we could play a round robin narration game where each person takes a turn writing the story of a rescue in The Wild. Or in Flinterforge it would be a story about a rescue ddep in the earth. That sort of thing.

And we can post whatever sigil we use for that spell ant the start of each of the forums, so that it would be connected to the sigil being broadcst over at KS.


Some of Endri’s thoughts on the subject.


Maybe each guild could do a spell geared towards their specialties?


Some thoughts based on Endri’s thoughts:

Six elemental properties: Each guild chooses an element.
Ritual aspect: Six Mounties (at least) participate in group ritual. Each person can act as a “representative” of a Guild, even if they don’t belong to it, in the event that there isn’t an even distribution of Guilds participating in the live ritual. They rep that Guild by contributing the chosen element.
Object creation: Creating a sigil to connect to our spell that Marty and Whistler can use.

Last: Different groups perform a protection spell, and the round-robin narrative spell, possibly one live video and one via chat?


You know what I’m thinking, now that you’ve written all that out? In the calling of the corners spell, six of us acted as grounding elements for the magic. Then Deirdre created her own poem, which was the key to unlocking the spell. What if the protection spell you’re talking about is the grounding element, while the round robin spell is the thing being grounded?

I think we definitely need to weave these ideas together, in some ways. We need to have a lot of focus considering how big this is.


True. There are a lot of variables to consider when you are trying to write a spell to work for real. And I have the feeling we can’t just write something 100% problem-free. It should have elements of problem-solving and overcoming danger woven into it, in case something serious happens.


I’m now starting to wonder if the narrative spell wouldn’t be better suited to being the “protection” spell cast on Marty/Whistler/Aether (MWA from now on). That way they are receiving the energy of our tales of daring rescue?


And then something along the lines of what Robert was saying for the on screen distraction spell?


Well, if we are going to craft a spell/spells we need to understand what methods M/W/A are using for the infiltration and extraction.


I think you’re right, but I also don’t think they need to be separated. You can layer spells to perform many functions at once, if you can think of it as you go.

This is going to be so large-scale, though. I do worry a little. Maybe we need to specify what/who we want to be affected by the spell first, to focus our intent?

Just Marty and Whistler, and the Adepts? The computer systems at KS?


You mean, weaving magiq in the spaces between? :wink:


You beat me to it, but I totally agree with you.

There’s so much happening, I think we’ll be farther along to weave all these ideas together into one mass Spell. Also, this will help us use all the Mounties we have in one spell rather than split them up, which may give us more Magiq to use?


I think the end goal might be to combine them so that it is one spell with multiple functions, but , at least for me, it’s easier to plan this out by looking at the two functions we want separately first. It could just be me, though! What are your thoughts?


What if we create six spells, one for each guild, that are read together, kind of how each animal had their own part to say in The Minnying of Ojorad, but it was all part of the minnying


I’m not disagreeing, my only point of mild contention would be the problem of weaving it all together cohesively in the end.

I should specify that I mean we should determine what we’re looking for in the spell, consider the variables in possible list-form, and then weave it all together rather than branching.


Just to re-hash for newbies (like me), the 6 elements are:

Light, Aether, Ore, Tide, Thought, Wild


Okay. So:

  • It needs to be one spell with two functions.
  • Function One: Distract/freeze/otherwise prevent all KS employees from interfering
  • Function Two: Protect/cloak MWA while they attempt their rescue
  • Must involve creation of a physical focus
  • Must involve the six elements
  • Must involve a ritual aspect
  • Needs some unifying force to tie together the two functions


Maybe we can write a full poem or story that centers around all of the elements, instead of weaving together parts