SOLVED: Fragment Ten: Gladitor : The Office of Kemetic Solutions


Oh sweet baby jesus. This is what I got in response…

“I do! Pretty much my best friend. I miss him so much. He had a bad year, was depressed, but now he’s away at a new school, a special school, and doing really well.
How do you know him?”


Okay holy guild symbol!
Theyve done something to her!


I’m kind of tempted to try and slip in the joradian charm, but I’m terrified I’m gonna get a Westworld “doesn’t look like anything to me” kind of response.

edit: I responded with “From Tumblr, actually. Common interests. He was really into tech and fantasy-genre type stuff. Have you spoken with him lately? He hasn’t logged on in a while.”

I’m gonna gently prod and see if I can’t figure out a way to snap her out of this. Doesn’t seem likely, but, hey, maybe we’ll learn more about what’s going on.


I wish we could contact the low for help…
but you know…
she was our contact


Ehh…I mean, I’m sure they’re watching this forum, but I can understand at least some of them for not reaching out. Reason being, every person who’s tried to speak out about the Low has been ‘taken care of’, so to speak. Doesn’t exactly motivate a person to want to reach out, when they can track you down so quickly and efficiently.

That said, something’s got to give. There’s got to be something we can do to break them out of this silence and to take down KS. Aether breaking free will be a big help, though I’m worried we won’t have a plan for him when he does. :sweat:


Do we have any evidence of a specific element of our contacts that the low watch? Can we just slip a flag in it?

And if we don’t have a plan yet for Aether if he gets free, we have time to set one up, surely? A safe house, a sure contact?


When Aether escapes… it wont be with his body.


Noob apologies.

I knew that was the case, but wondered whether there was a physical exit in the offing too.

The principle applies anyway. Secure channels, definite points of contact, alert ears etc.


Its totally fine, we all slip up!

Also I think he plans on coming here… because of our ward spell it may be the safest…


But that doesn’t really help the others who are trapped.


Uhh… everyone! Aether is live again on our Youtube page


Swell, just as I was finishing up watching a creepy web series (Petscop) I get this one to creep me out even more. I don’t need sleep!


You don’t need sleep! We have people, and potentially a whole world’s population to save!!


Ooooookay. I’m creating a fragment eleven topic assuming this is the trailhead for it… Mounties Assemble!


ugh, why does everything happen right when I start a timed assignment or have an essay to write? I’ll have to catch up later.


The picture of the octopus looking creature. I have something that looks similar that I found a year or two ago.


We Might need to Strengthen the spell again since a lot of new users have been joining, But how would we Constance is gone (Safeguard-wise)