SOLVED: Fragment Ten: Gladitor : The Office of Kemetic Solutions


It seems too unlikely for it to be someone who came after the site went public. I still believe whoever they are they are most likely from the late mountaineer group, the one that Ascender was a part of. I remember reading something where he said that the group disbanded/ it disappeared because people were going missing. Perhaps this Mountie is one of those who disappeared.


Uhhhhh. Guys. I checked my tumblr today, and I had this message… “lol, ugh, I have the flu, out of school for another day or two :crossed_fingers:t3:. who’s this?”

So… I’m pretty sure either they mind-wiped Constance, or I’m not talking to Constance. :sob:


Have you responded?


Not yet. Because I’m torn between saying something like “Cut the crap, who am I talking to?” and “What do you remember about the past week?”

At the same time, I’m not entirely sure talking with Constance will get us anywhere, assuming what was done to her is similar to what was done with Aether’s mother and guidance counselor.

Edit: I decided to go with “What have you done with Constance?” Now the question is will I get a response?


I figure caution is for the best. If Constance remembers us and she thinks it’s safe, she’ll get back to us. If she doesn’t get back to us, then either she’s been wiped (and according to Marty they continue to monitor people they wipe) or she doesn’t think it’s safe.

It’s probably safest for her, for the time being, that we let her proceed at her own pace until we know more about what’s happening and what we can do to help her and everyone in KS.

Edit: Never mind. :wink:


That’s very logical. I just got a “lol whut.” from her, so no harm done.

Do we want me to prod a little bit and confirm that she’s been wiped? It seems likely, if she doesn’t remember her alias.


The Gossmere Metal Toa has been silent since Feb, and of course there are the ones who say hi but don’t stick around…

It really could be anyone.


You could ask her about Aether, see if she remembers him. We don’t know how far KS is willing to go, they could have completely erased him from her memory.


I am with @Robert on this one. I think we need to hazard on the side of caution. If KS has gotten to her, I am not sure we want to be mentioning Aether to her, in case they are keeping tabs on Constance and others. It just means we have one more reason to bring Kemetic down, and that much more motivation to see this through to the end

And if she is just laying low, she will let us know when she believes it is safe.


I just told her the first thing I sent her was a meme joke. Then I asked her when she got the flu, see if that makes her remember anything. I’m on the caution erring side, don’t want to endanger her any more than she already has been.


Just got a response. “I’ve been off an on for like two weeks.” Which would match pretty closely with how long she’s been gone - we last saw her 12 days ago. And we got in contact with her on the 10th, which would make it exactly two weeks since then.

I’m gonna ask her if she remembers anything important happening about two weeks ago.


Uhhh… Okay, I may need your guys’ help. She just asked me “Who is this?” How do you think I should proceed? I’m consider a few options:

Two lies:

  1. “I go to your school”/“I’m from your neighborhood”
  2. We were talking on tumblr over -common interest-

One vague truth:

  1. “We spoke about two weeks ago”

Or something else? What do you guys think?


I think it would be best to go with the vague truth option, or something like it. If there is anything left that hasn’t been wiped, there could be a chance to help her remember what’s been happening.


That’s a good point. And it lets her at least attempt to fill in the blanks.


I agree with Keegan, keep it vauge.


Vague it is. I went with “We spoke about two weeks ago.”




New message from Constance; “Here? Don’t see in my chat log. What about?”

Now, here’s the question. Do we want to ask her anything?

We could ask her about Jeremy rather than Aether, maybe. Or we could ask about her tumblr and why she deleted all her posts (as a roundabout way of asking if she remembers why she did that). Anyone got any other ideas?


Tell her you have a mutual friend in Jeremy
See what she knows or is willing to say about him


Ok, I responded with, “Oh, I was asking if you knew Jeremy.”

Let’s see if she’ll fill in the gaps.