SOLVED: Fragment Ten: Gladitor : The Office of Kemetic Solutions


So… What now? We need to start somewhere, Aether is all alone waiting, hoping and desperately wanting to be found. Not to mention Constance.

One thing that tickled my pickle was: Why didn’t Aether mention the Low?


A) I am unsure if that is the proper use of the phrase
B) I agree, we must start now and work quickly
C) It may not be that strange he didn’t mention the Low, Kemetic Soultions is very possibly one of the many entities of the low


I like that phrase ahah


Honestly who doesn’t XD


We’ve yet to find the password to Therearenoconstants, so there’s a place to start.


I believe @ConstanceCalls said it wasn’t her account.


Then we shouldn’t mess around with it. Whomever owns it probably doesn’t want us poking around and it probably isn’t related


Speaking of @ConstanceCalls, is anyone else concerned that we haven’t heard from her in awhile, and she wasn’t there for Aether’s live stream (That we know of.) I mean I would think she would want to talk to him.


That is a very excellent point. I’m going to send her a tumblr message, see if I can get a hold of her that way.

Edit: Message sent. School day’s not over so it could be a bit, though.


I tracked his mother down and spoke with her on the phone. She didn’t understand why I was calling. She said Jeremy, her son, (Aether) was depressed but now he’s away at a new school, a special school, and doing really well. That’s what she kept telling me. Something was definitely wrong with her. She kept repeating herself. Even asked me what the date was about five times. Best of all, there was noise on the line. Like someone else was listening. Same noise I heard when I called Jeremy’s old high school this past week and asked about him. His counselor said he was depressed but now he’s at a new school, a special school, and doing really well.


Stay safe @Marty.60. I get a bad feeling about this. It feels like Kemetic could have their fingers in all of this. Making sure Aether’s disappearance stays covered up. And if they are the ones listening, they may not like you putting your nose in their affairs


Wow, that’s super creepy. Definitely sounds like the mind control theory was correct, which is simultaneously terrifying that they have that power, but relieving that it wasn’t the case of crappy uncaring parents.

Don’t suppose you could track down Constance? I’m kind of worried about her… :sweat: Also, any chance you could get your hands on the schematics of the KS building? See if there’s evidence of some kind of underground facility?


Is it possible the corrupt wing of the Devoted is involved somehow?


She wants you to protect the site. As in prepare to protect the information she might or might not be willing to share.


Yes, she did. We did the Jordanian safeguard spell. Then Constance shared information that helped us contact Aether and find the fragment.


I’m a bit concerned about Constance. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from her, and the kids these days are always Tumbling. :sweat:

I just hope she’s laying low and hasn’t been captured by KS. I’m really worried about that. :grimacing:

EDIT: I just checked and it’s been 11 days since we last spoke with Constance, and 3 since I sent her the Tumblr message. Consider me very concerned now.


It may not be related at all, but Deirdre also isn’t​ responding/posting on her blog. Just seems a little scary since we are getting so involved with KS


Well this is all very worrying. :worried: Hopefully her phone is just acting up again, but with KS lurking, that’s definitely a cause for concern.

I suppose we might find out more of who KS has captured when Aether (hopefully) busts out in the upcoming week. But right now KS seems like the boogeyman, who could be anywhere. Maybe a KS agent will pop out from under one of our beds. :grimacing:


You know what I’m thinking is? I think the Mountaineer that went missing disappeared during when we Saved Brandon, So maybe we could look for one that went silent then


We could do that, we should also look for people who’ve said they lived near New York. It’s just hard to know who left because they were busy and if someone was actually kidnapped. :sweat: Not unless they can give us some kind of hint on who they are…