SOLVED: Fragment Ten: Gladitor : The Office of Kemetic Solutions


Yeah, that’s the one thing I’m concerned about. Anyone of us could have been mountie-napped and replaced with a KS agent. Unfortunately the communication medium makes verifying such things complicated.


Itsuki’s male too.


Well, we can count out me and Hannah, seeing as how we were both in the spell livestream.
I’m trying to think of anyone who used to interact during the fourth fragment that we haven’t heard from in a while.


Endriiiii are you a clone?


By any chance have you guys video chatted or otherwise seen each other’s faces? Could you verify if you needed to?

We could use this


My first instinct was Johannah, but that could have just been a life circumstances thing.


The most frequently contributing women we haven’t seen in a while I recall are Johanna and AlisonB


I just got back from a meeting that ran over by an hour (on tonight of all nights…). Like Leigha said, I am me. Plus if someone replaced me, then they would have to take two exams this week and then write an 11 page paper, so I think grad school is keeping me safe for now.


Im thinking a mountaineer here could make a Transcript would anyone be up for that?


I’m on it


Do we know what gender emato identified as? They were another active contributor.



Ill watch the vid soon.


I took some screen shots of the drawings.
They could be important.


The BoB sent out an email. We’ve done it. We’ve found the fragment.


I have been wondering why things suddenly went quiet, and nothing seemed to be happening on this site… for some reason, this topic didn’t flag with new content for me, so I missed the whole of Fragment 10 :frowning:

Oh well, probably for the best, as I had other things that I should have been (and was) focussing on instead.


I know Johanna and can confirm it isn’t her (@Revenir is right). No idea where AlisonB is though.


I think it may be… Endri? hides behind Rev and Chordie

Or Deidre… She is in a position of power in the magiqal community…


wait what? I come back, and the fragment’s found?!


This is my transcript from the livestream. There are some words I couldn’t make out, and some I’m not sure about. I marked them just in case. I’m sure it’s not perfect, but it’s something.

Can anybody hear me?
Are you trying to reach us?*
Are…are you the mountaineers?
Are you the mountaineers?
(Inaudable) I found you.
I only have a few minutes.
Once a month, they put us in these sleep* studies.
They medicate us
I’ll be asleep* soon
So I only have a few minutes
Right now I can communicate without them
I’m not sure where I am
We’re at a facility
You found Constance
(Inaudible)* How is she?
I’m sorry* it’s heard to keep this up.
So… sorry… so… you have to save them
We have to save them
I’m not the only one here.
There’s a girl here, and… a mountaineer
I need your help
I don’t know.
They… They’re trying to
They were testing us. Testing our abilities
But then they started using us to try and open a door
They want us to open a door
Um, I dont - I’ve never seen her
I’ve never seen the mountaineer
But she’s a woman. I can hear her voice
She tells the girl* bedtime stories.
They want us to try and open a door
But it’s not working
The boy to did that… he was…special*
They know but they’re going to keep trying
I don’t know. Sorry i dont know who (inaudible)* is
Its hard to communicate like this
She tells the girl stories
(Inaudible) They see* the other side
They see*
through the veil
Well, it’s going to take everything I have, but I’ve found a way to help them.
Next week they’re going to try and make me open the door again
They’re going to try and make me open the door, but instead, I’m going to leave here.
But to do that, I have to leave my body behind
I think I can… I think I can get into their system.
And break it open
Give you information that can help you (Inaudible)*
But I have to do that (Inaudible)*
Is Constance here?
I don’t know. I’ve never done it.
And I know there’s a chance that I might not be able to.
But they’ve tortured us. They’s horrible.
And I don’t want them to do that to the girl.
When* they’re not here you can save them
Tell Constance that I will be there to see her again
If not…agh. I don’t know. Just tell her that I’ll be alright.
Next week. I saw the schedule. They’re going to make me open the door again.
And when they do, they drug me and I’ll be under, I’m going to leave. I’ll leave.
The mountaineer said that you’d be able to help, that you’d know what to do.
And so, I’m going to trust you with my life and theirs.
They’re very dangerous.* you have to be careful. And protect Constance.
There’s something else I have to tell you.
There’s a storm coming.
Follow this* (inaudible)
Its nice to talk to someone.
They’re going to try to control everything.
Me, this world, your minds. You have to be careful.
They could be anywhere.
I’m getting tired now. (Sigh)
A part of me can’t wait to be free of all this.
No matter what it means
Even if I can’t get back,
I’m going to build* a (Inaudible)
We’re going to bring them down.
I don’t know how much longer I can hold on.
I can’t hold on
So tired