SOLVED: Fragment Ten: Gladitor : The Office of Kemetic Solutions


Tried Glad for aethers blog both uppercase and lowercase, Neither worked


Sounds like we need to be ready, and we need to be ready for just about anything I think. Like I said in the comments on Youtube, a lot of lives are at stake. Potentially the whole world

… No pressure, or anything :disappointed_relieved:


It’s 1am now and i have to get up in 5 hours, best of luck, ill try to help ASAP


I mean, we can do this. Nobody else can, really. I’ve seen what us Mounties are capable of. What’s a shadowy organization to the best group of magicians-in-training anyway?


time to summon the storm.


Has anyone seen @TheBellsAreRinging? She’s been quiet today ;-;


Just got back around. I’ll go watch the video if we gave it saved. Nice find @Kelsey!


9 Hours ago i guess


Does anyone have the link to Aether’s blog? I want to do a little trial and error but I can’t find it.

Nvm. Found it.

Tried “Gladitor” it’s a dud.


I’ve spoken with Ascender several times, he’s a man. I’m not sure who the Mountaineer at KS is. This whole thing is equal parts terrifying, infuriating, and catalyzing. We’re not going to let them get away with this.


It could be one of the older mounties, the '94 mounties if I am correct.


We’re all here, right? The people who frequent, I mean.


Did I hear him say “she has black hair” or did I read that in the chat? I can’t see the chat log anymore to look back :frowning:


It couldn’t be @Itsuki could it?


Her last post was the 13th


Her profile says she was last seen on the forum 8 hours ago, but her last post was April 13th


Huh, well, that blows that theory out of the water.

As I recall, it’s you, Eaves, Ascender, Bash, and Itsuki. Oh, and Augernon, technically. Out of all those people, you’d be the only woman, right? And you’re very much still here.

Unless… Could it be a '94 Mountaineer? Someone who slipped through the cracks all those years? Or a recruit…? Has anyone been missing for a long time? :sweat:


There’s also the minorly unsettling possibility that one of us got “replaced,” but y’know

We shouldn’t think that way ;-;


I hope i didnt get replaced :disappointed_relieved:


I know I’m safe on account of being a guy. Unless KS was making assumptions…