SOLVED: Fragment Ten: Gladitor : The Office of Kemetic Solutions


I wonder if the livestream will be this trippy. Hope Aether is relatively alright…


We are >1k replies


I cleaned up the audio a bit, it’s easier to listen to, but still hard to hear what he’s saying, I think “test” was right, like someone doing a mic test. It kinda sounds like there’s more than one person, I don’t know.


@ConstanceCalls Could you tell us if any of the voices sound like Aether?


Still creepy, even with just the sound.

30 minutes!! Tighten your tinfoil hats!!


A link to the livestream if anyone needs it.


Phew - just made it back from an appointment out of town. Right on time it seems, can’t wait!


Crap, it’s on for me in less than five minutes, but my girlfriend wants to watch Pretty little Liars which starts at the same exact time…:sweat:
Aaaagh…I’ll have to see this after it then


@ConstanceCalls He’s asking for you. Aether. He’s reached out. We’re speaking with him now. He hopes to see you again.


There was a word flashed in the stream. Gladitor.


Nice Catch


Holy cow nice catch! That’s the constellation that showed up a few times


My heart is breaking.
Whatever I have to do, Kemetic Solutions and whoever is behind them are going down.
“A storm is coming”. Damn right there is. I’ve got one in tow.


Hell yeah! We’re bringing them down, and from it sounds like, it’ll be from inside and out!


So, uh, can we all address the elephant in the room? Who’s the female mountaineer? A recruit or…?

Or perhaps Ascender is a woman? @Endri did any of you guys ever meet Ascender?


Nice!! I was just looking for the spot on the video where that flashed. As usual, you beat me to it :wink:


The .Png file name for the image is glad.png


A mountain storm… Get ready


Snooze, you lose :sleeping:


Very nicely done @Kelsey!