SOLVED: Fragment Ten: Gladitor : The Office of Kemetic Solutions


Yep, nope, nope, nope… That was totally not creepy at all


Now im nervouse to watch it!


Wow that’s creepy. Also wtf is that clinking sound?! It’s like a metal clinking and buzzing sound. :scream: And can anyone catch what the people were saying at 0:26-ish?

I wonder if there are messages hidden in the video distortions, like in the KS video?


Saw this at about 21 seconds


It looks like it could be another constellation, like Galifanx


Test? I think it says test.


I wonder if Aether is testing the connection? What was all the banging? and the… imagery… :ghost: :scream:


I would agree with this. Probably making sure he can still communicate with us through KS’s building or wherever they are being held


That’s the scariest teaser trailer I’ve ever seen.


My family now thinks I’m insane for watching and rewatching it. Oops.


Trust me, I have been there XD My moment was casting a spell on my living room floor with five other mounties on my laptop screen!!

Also that new video is scary but I mean hey, if Cole can face a very angry winged Lauren, then we can help an innocent… no matter how creepy… Tries to hide behind Endri, is too tall


I mean actually mabye not, @Endri how tall are u?


5’4 but I could fit in a mouse hole right now after watching that.


Oh dear, I suddenly feel like a giant XD
My best friend is literally your height, and im always afraid im gonna squish her!


im in the same camp.


I really hope that isnt Aether…


I screenshotted all the out of order images i could find besides the distortion


Aether is… humanish?


This video sets of the theme of Mind control for me, the clanking could be a projector switching slides or maybe even a chain…


Guys, the video will be up at 1 am here T.T one more sleepless night