SOLVED: Fragment Ten: Gladitor : The Office of Kemetic Solutions


I only had a migraine, it pounded like hell but nothing advil and a good nights sleep couldn’t fix


I’m so much better now, the hospital helped a lot


Did you find out what was wrong?


I think the english word for it is “gastroenteritis”


Stomach flu, right? That’s always the worst…

I hope you’re back to 100% soon <3


Nothing that a good dose of Overwatch can’t cure ahah


LOL well please take care of yourself!! Sending healing Goss vibes ur way :gossmere: :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Hey folks, a lot of what Constance says matches with what I know about the Low and what’s gone on lately with the lock down.

I spent the past couple days seeing if I could call in any favors, but like she said, people are too scared to talk.

I feel pretty good that the Athenaeum is the library she was mentioning. It has tiered access. Lower levels can do research, read rare works and “forgotten” histories (and apparently protect websites now.) I knew somebody who used to work on it, but I’ve been trying to reach her for months and heard nothing.

I don’t think Constance is her real name (which doesn’t mean anything, just research) because there are no kids named Constance in the Dutchess County high school system, either private or public.

I have a couple calls out to police departments in that area since there aren’t any records of missing kids matching Aether’s story in the local media history.

A missing kid is what got me started in all this. It never gets easier to hear about.
Til Tuesday.


So libraries are places in the Low? Like where people gather?
If so I bet the New York Public Library is very high tiered…


Worth checking, for sure


Thanks for checking into things, Marty. Given everything with Brandon, I’m sure this was hard to hear.

Let us know for sure if you hear anything back from any of the police departments. But I’m wondering if perhaps KS could have paid off the police to not investigate? If they’re a powerful organization, it could be possible, which means there wouldn’t be a trace…

Or perhaps Aether was taken willingly? I mean, I hate to get so dark but the guy in the video did say Aether hadn’t really had a real family. Maybe the family was convinced by KS to dump him off for treatment, or they bribed the family into silence.

Is there any way you could see if there were students that ceased attendance in November? Or perhaps contact some of the administration and see if they might know of a missing student?


They were talking about mind control im pretty sure


Wait, who was talking about mind control?


KS i think


Oh I see, that makes sense. It would definitely explain why the people getting kicked out of the Low are suddenly losing their memories. And if they can do that, it would make sense if they could control the parents or the police.


Spooky, I hope we can help this boy. Whatever things that KS has been doing must not be pleasant, especially since he desires an out.


Don’t forget everyone the xxxxaetherxxxx’s stream is scheduled for today!

Not sure what time it’s for. Someone above posted 8pm EST but I don’t see that on the video anywhere. Guess we just keep an eye out.

For some reason I can’t see xxxxaetherxxxxx’s blog anymore. I just get ‘nothing here’.


It should be 8pm EST. The video says live in 10 hours, so that should be about right. If anyone is confused, there’s a notification option you can select as well.

I’m still seeing Aether’s blog and video - Maybe the x’s were borked? o-o


Honestly, I’m such a mix of excited and nervous.


Me too. I’m so worried about what kind of state we’re going to find Aether in. :sweat: