SOLVED: Fragment Ten: Gladitor : The Office of Kemetic Solutions


I am sure we will be in contact quite a bit over the next little bit, but thanks for everything you have done already Constance. We know you are putting yourself out on a limb. But we all appreciate it more than you know


OMG you guys are so nice.


It’s kind of our thing :wink:


I 100% agree with Brendon. You’ve helped us immensely already. Make sure to check in every now and then so we know you’re doing alright. And if you ever need to talk, we’re here for you.


agreed. stay safe, be quick, and may you find your balance


Please keep in touch, if you don’t youll have all us in a panic! Stay safe darlin, we have much to talk about.
love & luck!


Well yet again looks like I managed to pick the exact wrong time to be busy but so much excitement seeing the progress!!! I could write pages but TL;DR Hey hi hello howdy Constance!! Promise we’ll do everything in our power to allow you to see Aether again and if this ragtag crew’s track record is anything to go off of I’d say there’s a pretty good chance of that :smile: Echoing what the others have said thanks so much for all your help already and stay safe! Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help ya out!


So, Just woke up from a nap that felt like forever, Still feeling pretty sick, But i checked out Aethers blog and saw Constance’s posts on here, Anyway I can help with all this?


I feel you, just came back from the hospital. :sob::mask:


Hope you’re feeling better @Ricardo! #spellsickness


Thank you so much, the doctor wouldn’t be fond of my magiqal explanation


Oh Ricardo, you got it the worst out of all of us!
So wait… that makes five out of six sick after the spell, with Hannah MIA…


Omg, I hope you guys feel better!

Man, this spell really took a lot out of us. Must have been very powerful. :mask:


Must have, I hope everyone gets well soon, and I hope we hear from @hannah confirming she is OK!! :sweat: :mask:


I’m here! Not feeling 100%, but I think it’s mainly stress and a lack of sleep. Everything is falling apart with an event I’m organizing and speaking at on Saturday, which is why I’ve been MIA. No fever or anything like that, just fatigue and muscle tension.


Sorry to hear about your event. I hope everything turns out okay and that you kill it with your speech! I’m glad to hear you’re otherwise OK, given the sickness plague that’s come over us.


Glad to hear your okay, sad to hear about the stress and your event… any way we can help?


Any and all good vibes, well wishes, etc. would be very much appreciated! I probably won’t be around much until after the event is over, but I’ll definitely be back next week.


Good luck!!


How is everyone feeling? Im still feeling that spell sickness!