SOLVED: Fragment Ten: Gladitor : The Office of Kemetic Solutions


@Bash @Endri Constance hit their post limit. Can they be upgraded to full member status?


On it. 1 sec.


That’s not my blog. has a password but we both cleared out our feeds when we got in the Low. It’s kind of a requirement.


Can you check it for new posts, just in case? Aether may have used it to call out.


Your saying I’ll have to delete my Instagram!!
I mean I’ll do it for magiq but it will be with a HEAVY heart.


Hang on, have to find the password. I know it was something Gossmerey.


Holy shit. He’s been in your accounts. The password is TheCommonDrumCalls


Uhhh, pardon? What do you mean he’s been in our accounts? :flushed:


Check out his blog. He’s been inside your Youtube account.


A youtube video…And it’s live in five days. o-o


The only post I see is a link to a live stream on the 18th


There is a live video called xxxxaetherxxxx scheduled for 5 days from now…


Live in 5 days
April 18, 8:00 PM
Let’s hope aether will be able to communicate again then.


He’s going to live stream through your youtube account. He used to do that with yt and snapchat.


I guess that’s why he wanted you to find me?


The Common Drum Calls is my new personal motto, he seems like a wonderful man.
Lets hope this video will tell us more.


Well then, looks like we should be ready in five days. In the meantime, let’s all see if we can dig up anything more on KS and the Low.


I’m going to try and ask around about Kimetic Solutions. And see if there’s anything else I can get a hold of. If I get anything I’ll let you know.


I can’t wait to talk to him. We have to get him home.


Be careful, okay? You don’t want to bring any attention to yourself. Do what you can, but stay safe!